Istanbul Airport Public Transport Tender


Istanbul New Airport public transport tender, the tender was mixed, the delivery of the tender was delivered to the claim that the address.

According to the news of Özlem GÜVEMLİ from SÖZCÜ, CHP Member of Parliament Tarık Balyalı, the owner of the claim, pointed out that 130 bus conditions were brought to the companies and won this tender. kazanHe emphasized that according to the balance sheets of one of the İBB companies, Bus A.Ş., he does not have 130 buses. Bally “3. Currently, Bus A.Ş. carries out airport transportation. not its subcontractor. But the subcontractor does not have that many buses. He also rents the buses of a Black Sea company.”

The debate continues with the luxury public transportation tender with luggage held by IETT to transport passengers to Istanbul New Airport, which was opened on October 29, 2018. Istanbul Bus A.Ş., one of the İBB companies that offered 755 million 823 thousand TL for the second of the "Luxury Transport with Luggage" tender, the first of which was canceled on the grounds that it did not bear public interest. kazanhad been. IMM Assembly CHP Group, which closely follows the tender process SözcüSu Tariq Balyali, 3. Airport public transportation service procurement business is a tender to the address and claims that the tender is mixed.

Balyalı, who brought his claim to the agenda at the IETT General Assembly held on November 16, 2018, pointed out that there are 3 differences between the canceled tender and the specification of the new tender. “At least 260 million turnover from the participating companies, 3% of the estimated price He was asked to have at least 130 meters of 12-meter buses. ” Stating that adding these conditions to the second tender held 15 days apart creates question marks, Balyalı argued that IETT had put these articles in order to prevent the entry of different companies in this tender.

NOT 130, 5-10 CAN BE THE BUS

Baleli, tender kazanHe justified his claim as follows, stating that 130 buses in the hands of an Bus A.Ş do not appear on the balance sheets:

“According to the figures in the 2016 and 9-monthly 2017 balance sheets published on the website of Otobüs A.Ş., the company may have 130 or 5 buses of its own, not 10. Bus Inc. this tender without a bus in hand kazanIf not, it's a scandal. If Bus A.Ş. owns 130 buses and it does not appear on the balance sheets, this is another scandal.”

Balyalı said that Bus Inc. does not have a bus to carry the 3rd Airport transportation, and the company's general manager has proven with the response "We will either look at, rent or operate" after the tender, asking the press members, "How do you do this?"


Balyalı noted that the transportation of the 3rd Airport is currently carried out not by Bus A.Ş, but by its subcontractor, and that the subcontractor does not have that many buses, and said, "The subcontractor also rents the buses it needs from a Black Sea company that operates intercity buses." According to the tender result, IETT's money from this business kazanwill be paid, Bus A.Ş will make a profit, and the subcontractors will also kazanBalyalı stated that he will work hard and said, “If the airport transportation business is so profitable, why didn't IETT do it itself but give it to someone else? In my opinion, in this tender, Bus A.Ş was used as a front by the IMM administration to employ third parties and cheated against the law," he said. Balyalı emphasized that this tender should be canceled immediately and the transportation business should be undertaken by IETT and announced that they would file a criminal complaint against those responsible for the tender.

AKP Group responding to the claims of Balyalı SözcüSü Ömer Şahan said, “There is no mistake in our tenders, they are open to inspection. Bus AS does not have 130 buses, it has 149 buses. more kazanNow, the tender has been renewed so that Istanbulites can be better served. Technical conditions have been introduced so that the companies that will enter the tender are capable of doing this job. In addition to the company that won the first tender with a bid of 475 million, another company was able to bid. Even Bursa's public transport company entered the second tender. Bus A.Ş submitted an offer of 755 million. more from Istanbul kazanBut why are you bothered by this?" suffice to say.

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