Urban Rail Systems Seminar at İMO

imoda city rail systems seminar
imoda city rail systems seminar

📩 15/11/2018 12:57

Ray Urban Rail System Seminar Od was held by Kocaeli Chamber of Civil Engineers

The seminar held at the İMO Training Hall. It was given by Selim Dündar. The program also participated in branch board members, engineers and students.

Dündar, History of Rail Systems, Urban Railway System Development Steps, How to Determine the Urban Transportation System? The Urban Rail System in our country, Some Important Metros abroad in Turkey and the World Urban Rail touched on issues such as the relationship Some Comparisons to the system.

Okan University Lecturer Selim Dundar, Chamber of Civil Engineers Kocaeli Branch administration, branch members and students of the young engineering candidate thanked for their participation.

At the end of the seminar in the form of presentation and video, the participants ended up answering the questions they wondered.

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