Announces the IMM, 32 Free Transfer

ibb announces 32 even transferring free
ibb announces 32 even transferring free

📩 06/11/2018 11:07

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has put into use integrated bus lines with free transfer in order for citizens to access rail systems more easily. Transfers between buses and subways are free of charge in order to reduce the use of private vehicles and encourage citizens to use public transportation. >

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the service offered to citizens, to reduce the use of private vehicles, public transport and transfer habits in order to provide a culture between buses and subways to provide free transfer lines are activated gradually.

The free transfer service aims to ensure full integration between buses and other modes of transport within the scope of existing and planned transportation projects.

Feed lines, passenger behavior, travel demands, field observations, rail system and the existing and newly opened lines in the interaction were determined by analysis.

Although the single ticket fare tariff is valid for non-direct flights of the feeder lines, the transfers between these lines and the other mode of transport (rail system / sea route) are free of charge.

The 32 free integrated line in Istanbul is as follows:

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