Kocaoğlu: "We spent 450 million dollars on İZBAN"

hubby has spent $ 1 million on 450
hubby has spent $ 1 million on 450

İzmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said that President Erdogan was misled due to the transfer of incorrect and incomplete information about the city. Responding to Erdogan's statements such as “We solved the water shortage problem of İzmir” and “We made İZBAN”, Mayor Kocaoğlu said, “The investment of the Metropolitan Municipality in İZBAN is 450 million dollars, excluding the drawers. If TCDD announces how much it spends for this project, the public will be informed ”. Stating that İzmir is not supplied with water from Gördes Dam, which is claimed to have solved İzmir's water shortage problem, Kocaoğlu said, “It is not possible to give water from now on. Because the dam is hole, the water level cannot exceed 12 percent, ”he said.

In the 7th Assembly Meeting of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality in November, 2019 Fiscal Year Performance Program of ESHOT General Directorate and the 2019 Fiscal Year Budget Draft were discussed. According to the draft, ESHOT's expenses for 2019 were considered to be 1 billion 77 million 820 thousand TL. It was stated that Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's subsidy for ESHOT will continue in 2019 in order to provide an economical and comfortable transportation service. Responding to the questions and criticisms after voicing the opinions on the draft before the voting, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said, "We started out with the slogan that we will weave Izmir with iron nets, inspired by the words of our Great Leader from the beginning of 2005, and we also knit."

Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu stated that ESHOT has only ticket income against many expenses such as personnel, fuel, maintenance and repair, and it is a natural consequence that it is a natural consequence, “This situation is valid for all municipal institutions that carry out tire-wheeled transportation. ESHOT is an exemplary institution for our country in every aspect of transportation. It transports 1 million 100 thousand people to work and school a day, and public transportation attracts 55-56 percent. If you are going to talk about the density of passengers in buses, you will go to Istanbul not far away, then you will compare whether the buses in Izmir are full or empty. Let alone the buses, you should see how people travel like a pulp even in that extraordinary business called metrobus. The transportation issue is the biggest subsidy item of the Metropolitan Municipality. This deficit could have been much more. But we have reduced our loss 70 times by increasing the number of passengers in the rail system from 700 thousand to 10 thousand. We are transporting 4 thousand people by rail in a city of 700 million. 179 km of rail system is actively operating in Izmir. Our big city in Ankara and Istanbul. Compare with both. The population of Istanbul is 5 times that of Izmir. Then there should be 5 times the rail system in Izmir, but it does not. "

Mayor Kocaoğlu said that they delivered the project that will take the metro from Üçyol to Tınaztepe to the Ministry of Development for approval in December 2017 and that they are waiting for approval for nearly a year and said, “Before that, a long period of work was carried out at the General Directorate of Infrastructures. He went to the Ministry of Development in December 1. It has been there ever since. When we prepared the project, we also found a loan at a very affordable price at that time, one third of today's price. Our approval has not been received since that day. The Ministry of Development has also closed today. Currently, Buca Metro is awaiting approval at the relevant higher institution of the Presidency. "If you want to serve Izmir as members of the ruling party council, you need to make an effort to get these approvals."

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's party, explaining the issues he brought to the agenda with the words "İZBAN was done with us, they did not do it, but they are throwing their air" and "We solved the water shortage problem of İzmir", President Kocaoğlu said:
“It is not possible for us to speak to state institutions and statesmen. But whoever gives information to the President is wrong and incomplete. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality's investment in İZBAN is 450 million dollars, excluding drawers. If the State Railways tells us how much money they have invested in this 136 km long Selçuk-Aliağa line since 2002, we will reveal who has spent how much money, and the public will be informed. This is what transparency is. Whoever gave that information to the President of the Republic about a city like Izmir, this is something that will not happen. Party may be the President, but he is also my president. However, making statements to Izmir such as 'smells' overshadows the objectivity of the President. I went to Istanbul in 1963 to study high school. When I was 15 years old, the place called Kurbağalıdere smelled, it still smells. It smells for 56 years. Smelled in Izmir. God bless everyone who contributed to the Grand Canal and all our mayors. There is no longer that problem. This is perception management. Izmir does not smell. Those who make propaganda saying that Izmir smells will see the answer on the evening of March 31st. "

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu also stated that water was not given to the city from Gördes Dam, which allegedly saved İzmir from thirst, and continued as follows:
“Today I want to talk about Gördes Dam, which turns into this snake story. Gördes Dam is a study carried out more than 40 years ago, within the framework of the protocol between DSİ and İzmir Municipality, to meet the water needs of İzmir. In 2010, 27 million cubic meters of water was taken. Then the dam hole came out. The water of the dam has been drained. It was covered with a certain part of the membrane and started to be filled again. The water level collected in Gördes Dam has not exceeded 12 percent since then. As soon as it passes, there is a loss of water. Gördes Dam needs to be reconsidered and built. Because DSI bought water in 2010, it started a 30-year payment plan and demanded 300 million liras from us. We paid 2016 million TL for the 2018-27 period so that we would not cause disputes even though we did not get water. We could not even try the treatment we made for Belkahve because water could not be given. We could not get the job from the contractor. Currently, we cannot be given water. Even if the malfunctions in the pumps are eliminated and the water line from Gördes Dam to Belkahve is built, they will still not be able to deliver water. But we are paying the money. We said, let's compromise. Let's put this 5-year water that we haven't taken over the next 20 years, or at least pay the debt of the dam. Therefore, the information that 'İzmir was without water, we brought water' is given to the President inaccurately and incompletely. This was the third. I did not answer before, but now I had to say it duly.

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