How to get to Istanbul Airport

how to get to Istanbul airport 2
how to get to Istanbul airport 2

Istanbul's third airport was opened last month. I did not want to leave a question mark in your mind about how to get there, from where, at what times, and I prepared a detailed transportation guide.

The third airport of Istanbul, which opened on October 29, has already made its first flight under the name "Istanbul Airport". I know that you are wondering a lot about Istanbul Airport, which was put into service with a magnificent opening. The most important and most important of these questions are how to get to Istanbul Airport, how much will the fare be and the departure times. I prepared a detailed transportation guide to remove all the question marks in your mind; By using the map, you can visualize better in your mind, good readings…


A high-speed train is planned for the new airport that will be connected to the North Marmara Highway and Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, but this train is not ready at this time. When the high-speed train is made, you will be able to reach Taksim from Istanbul Airport quickly. There will also be access to the rail system which will pass through the route of the old railway line from all regions of Istanbul. Gayrettepe-Airport metro line planned to be opened at the end of 2019 and planned to be opened at the end of 2020 Halkalı- You can easily reach the airport by metro.


Until the rail system is ready, 18 or 150 buses will be served to Istanbul Airport by bus. The lines that you can reach to the bus stops under the terminal at the airport are as follows: Beylikdüzü Tüyap, Esenler Bus Terminal, Bakırköy, Yenikapı-Sirkeci, Beşiktaş, Alibeyköy Cep Bus Terminal, Kadıköy, Pendik, Hacıosman, Tepeüstü, Arnavutköy, Kemerburgaz, Sarıyer, Başakşehir, Bahçeşehir, Mahmutbey Metro, Halkalı and Mecidiyeköy.

Those who want to reach by air

IST-1 Line: HAVAIST bus line between Istanbul Airport and Yenikapi. No; Yenikapı, Bakırköy İDO, Kuleli, Başakşehir will reach Istanbul Airport by passing through Metrokent.

IST-2 Line: A line of HAVAIST between Istanbul Airport and TUYAP. Line; TUYAP, Cumhuriyet District, Bahçeşehir Center will reach Istanbul Airport.

IST-7 Line: Istanbul Airport and Kozyatağı. Line; Kozyatağı Metro, Tepeüstü, Kavacık Bridge will reach Istanbul Airport by passing through Hasdal.

IST-19 Line: Istanbul Airport and Taksim Line. Line; Abdülhak Hamit Street, Beşiktaş Square, Zincirlikuyu Metrobüs, passing through Göktürk, will reach Istanbul Airport.


Another issue of interest is transportation fees and hours. Details as below;

H-2 ISTANBUL AIRPORT-MECIDIYEKOY (IETT): 16 full day ticket for 2.

H-3 ISTANBUL AIRPORT-HALKALI (IETT): 14 full day ticket for 2.

H-4 ISTANBUL AIRPORT-ATATURK AIRPORT (IETT): 24 full day ticket cost for 2.

H-2 Istanbul Airport-Mecidiyekoy (IETT)

Mecidiyeköy Departure Times / Airport Departure Times

05:45 07:00

07:30 09:15

08:00 09:30

10:15 11:45

12:45 14:15

13:15 15:45

13:45 16:15

17:45 19:30

H3 Istanbul Airport-Halkalı (IETT)

Halkalı Departure Times / Airport Departure Times

05:45 07:15

07:30 09:00

08:00 09:30

10:00 13:45

12:30 16:00

13:30 19:00


H4 Istanbul Airport-Ataturk Airport (IETT)

Atatürk Airport Departure Times / Airport Departure Times

06:00 07:30

07:00 08:40

08:00 09:50

09:10 10:15

10:20 12:00

11:30 13:10

12:40 14:25

13:50 15:35

15:00 16:50

16:15 18:05

17:30 19:20

18:45 20:35

Source: Aybüke SENGİR / I



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