The Elevator Barrier at the Fine Arts Tram Stop


The student of OMU Faculty of Fine Arts, Muammer Koç said that the students with disabilities had to go down a step before the subway elevator in the tram stop next to the school.

Muammer Koç, who has 98 percent physical disability and glass bone disease at Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMÜ) Faculty of Fine Arts, stated that he had difficulties due to the continuous deterioration of the underpass elevator at the Fine Arts tram stop. Saying that 3-4 people like him had similar problems, Koç emphasized that they came down one stop ago and came to school in a dangerous way.


Koç stated that he shared the problems with OMU Rector Sait Bilgiç at the exhibition held the previous day and said, “Our Rector has promised that they will solve the problem as soon as possible. The underpass elevator at this stop is constantly deteriorating, a problem due to the high slope in my impression. If it works one day, one day it breaks down. We have winter months ahead of us, we have no solution other than thick dressing. I invite everyone, including the disabled, to empathize. ” During his meeting with Rector Bilgiç, Koç also provided information on wood and oil painting.

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