High Speed ​​Train Line to Change the Fate of Sivas

high-speed train line will change the destiny
high-speed train line will change the destiny

With the implementation of the High Speed ​​Train, Sivas is in the middle of the line that will extend from London to China and is preparing for its golden age.

The Ankara-Sivas High Speed ​​Train Line, which continues to work in 2019, will change the fate of Sivas. Located in the middle of the train line from London to China, Sivas can turn this position into economic profit. Since the very beginning of the project, the AK Party Sivas deputy Habib Soluk, who are close followers, stated that YHT will add great values ​​to Sivas. Stating that test drives will be carried out in 2019 as planned, YHT Station area will be transformed into one of the attraction centers of Sivas. Stating that Sivas has great luck in the line, Soluk said that the historical and tourism areas of Sivas could be opened to world tourism.

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