HAVAIST Expedition Hours Revised and New Line Added

airline hours were revised and new line was added
airline hours were revised and new line was added

Istanbul Airport, which provides luxury public transportation "İD Agenda" in the bus, 4 lines were revised on time requests. A new line was added to the system to integrate the new airport with the bus terminal.

In HAVAİST İstanbul vehicles belonging to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, one of the affiliates of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, which has started to provide luxury public transportation services, were revised with the decision of UKOME.

The decision was made in order to reduce the waiting times of citizens and employees and the service waiting times in the first week.

The number of daily flights to 40 at Istanbul Airport; The daily 10 voyages for each line were re-planned as a total of 50 voyages including additional flights. The planned lines were determined to receive passengers from the 16 center within the 20 county boundary throughout Istanbul.

THY, TUHIM, IETT, IGA, BELBIM planned as part of the work planned in the 20 location; Metro, Metrobus, Sea, Bus and Minibus were determined by considering the integration.

According to this; Taksim - Beşiktaş -New Airport Line (İST-19) (Round Trip), Yenikapı-Bakırköy -New Airport (İST-1) (Round Trip), Kozyatağı Metro - New Airport Line (İST-7) (Round Trip) and TUYAP - Bahçeşehir New Airport (İST-2) (Roundtrip) lines have been reorganized.

With the latest UKOME decision, “July 15 Democracy (Esenler) Bus Station - Alibeyköy Pocket Bus Station - Istanbul Airport Line” was added to Istanbul Airport luxury transportation.

8 will be launched on Thursday (November). HAVAIST Istanbul Airport Istanbul Airport Istanbul, which will provide a discounted rate of 50 until the beginning of the year, can only be paid via İstanbulkart.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Bus, taking into account the full capacity of Istanbul Airport since the 31 December 2018 date, the daily 18 even 150 bus made all the necessary plans to make a voyage.



• Taksim: Metro, Bus Lines Integration.
• Beşiktaş Peronlar: Marine Transportation Integration, Bus Lines Integration.
• Zincirlikuyu Metrobus: Metrobus Integrated, Minibus Integration.
• 4. Levent: Metro, Bus, Minibus.
• Göktürk: Bus Line Integration
• Yenikapı Peronlar: İDO, Marmaray, Metro and Bus Lines Integration.
• Bakırköy İDO: IDO, Bus Lines Integration.
• Yenibosna-Kuleli: Metrobus, Metro, Minibus, Bus Lines Integration.
• Başakşehir-Metrokent: Metro Integration, Bus Lines Integration.
• Kozyatağı Metro: Metro Integration, Minibus Integration, Bus Lines Integration.
• Ümraniye-Tepeüstü: Metro Integration, Bus Lines Integration.
• Kavacık: Bus Lines Integration.
• Hasdal: Bus Lines Integration.
• TUYAP: Integration of Metrobus, Minibus and Bus Lines.
• Beylikdüzü-Cumhuriyet: Metrobus, Minibus and Bus Lines Integration.
• Bahçeşehir-Merkez: Bus Lines Integration.
• 15 July Democracy Bus Station: Intercity Bus Integration, Metro Integration, Bus Lines, Minibus Integration.
• Bus Station Road: Bus Lines Integration, Minibus Lines Integration.
• Alibeyköy Cep Bus Station: Intercity Bus Integration, Bus Integration.


  1. Arnavutkoy: Istanbul Airport
  2. Bahcelievler: Yenibosna-Kuleli
  3. Bakırköy: IDO
  4. Basaksehir: Metrokent
    Bahcesehir: Center
  5. Besiktas: IETT Platforms
    4 Levent: Subway
  6. Bayrampasa: Bus Station
    Bus Station Road: Bus Station Road İETT station
  7. Beykoz: Kavacik Bridge
  8. Beylikdüzü: Cumhuriyet-Metrobüs
  9. Beyoglu: Taksim Abdülhak Hamit Street
  10. Buyukcekmece: TUYAP
  11. Eyup: Göktürk
    Alibeyköy: Pocket Bus Station
  12. Fatih: Yenikapı-İDO
  13. Kadıköy: Kozyatagi Metro
  14. Kagithane: Hasdal
  15. Umraniye: Tepeüstü
  16. Sisli: Zincirlikuyu Metrobus


  1. The new door is not obeyed. The passenger is waiting for the 1 hour in dursk and there is no bus.

  2. The new door is not obeyed. The passenger is waiting for the 1 hour in dursk and there is no bus.

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