Girne Bridge's Width Doubles

the width of the girne bend doubled
the width of the girne bend doubled

In order to relieve the flow of traffic on the D-400 Highway, the Adana Metropolitan Municipality started the project which will increase the width of the bridge over the Seyhan River to 52.5 meters and provide the 10 lane road.

The Adana Metropolitan Municipality has started the Kyrenia Bridge Rehabilitation Project, which is planned to make the traffic of the vehicles more fluid on the D-400 Highway, which provides transportation in the east-west direction. Double the width of the Kyrenia Bridge, 10 led the way to serve as a lane road in the first stage of the project was broken down, the river bed bored pile concrete poles production began.

According to the instructions of Hüseyin Sözlü, the Mayor of Adana Metropolitan Municipality, an expansion project prepared for the 205 lane bridge to serve as 10 lane road started. According to the project, the 25 meter-wide pedestrian bridges on either side of the 3,5 meter-wide Girne Bridge on the Seyhan River were destroyed. The width of the bridge will be increased to 52.5 meters.

Adana Metropolitan Municipality, previously in the same area between the Kyrenia Bridge and the Museum Crossroad between the width of the 6 meter 11.5 meters to increase the height of the 3 strip was provided to serve.

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