30 Villages in Gaziantep Renewed the Bilek-Kamışlı Road

gaziantepte 30 sheep used wrist renewed path
gaziantepte 30 sheep used wrist renewed path

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality has renewed the road to Bilek-Kamışlı, where the district of Şehitkamil and Nizip crossed. The new state of the 30 kilometer-long road used by 55 village was welcomed by the citizens.

Adding new roads to the intersections, bridges and asphalts throughout the province, the Metropolitan Municipality has given life to many projects in order to minimize transportation difficulties. In this direction, narrow narrow Bilek-Kamisli highway, the new way of traffic, opened the road.

Aiming to prevent possible traffic accidents and accelerate the flow of traffic within the scope of road and asphalting works, Büyükşehir expanded the Bilek-Kamışlı road and poured asphalt into the road. Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs teams, as a result of the work carried out the Bilek-Kamisli path has activated. Seeing that the road was narrow and dangerous in terms of traffic, the Metropolitan increased the 5 meter-wide path to the 12 meter.

Completing the 50-kilometer asphalting works of the road, the Metropolitan Municipality continues its work without interruption in the remaining 5-kilometer section. The Wrist-Reed road used by those who live in Bilek, Arıl, Battal, Altındağ, Turlu, Tokdemir, Korucak, Dernek, Tosunlu, Adaklı, Kamışık and Köseler Neighborhood (Village) and goes to Nizip is important in terms of both savings and time. It attracted attention in terms of being, it was recorded.

Hasan Aslan, who uses the road of Bilek-Kamisli, stated that it would not be possible to compare the current state of the road with the previous state and thanked everyone who contributed to the road expansion and asphalting works carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality.

Murat Aslan, about 30 village used by the Bilek-Kamisli road is both narrow and asphalt needs, he said. The road where the risk of the accident was very high, became a blind spot in traffic, we were in a lot of trouble. Metropolitan Municipality, began to work on the road, took everyone's prayer. Now our paths have been widened as well as the motorway, our modernized way is number ten. We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the construction of the road, especially Fatma Şahin, Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, to the health of their hands. Baş

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