20 Thousand People Use the Bicycle Roads in Gaziantep in the Last One Year

Gaziantepe has used 20 thousand people in the last year
Gaziantepe has used 20 thousand people in the last year

📩 06/11/2018 10:51

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality used the 20 thousand 207 people in the last year in order to relieve urban traffic.

Turkey's most popular immigration city from one of the difficulties experienced in transportation points along with a growing population in the Gaziantep continue to work to minimize the Metropolitan Municipality has made cycling routes to the city center in this context.

Firstly, the Metropolitan Municipality, which made a total of 56060 km cycling path with the 56092 and 1,6 Street (2,6 km) and Alleben Pond picnic area (4,6 km) along the Karataş District XNUMX, then spread this project throughout the city.

Gaziantep Transportation Main Plan (GUAP) in the scope of bicycle road construction Olay Media Junction south, Hospitals District area, Lojmanlar Street, Kasap Ahmet Street, Istasyon Street, Koruturk Street, Eski Dülük Street, Tekel Street, Auto Operating Street, 52009 Nolu Street, Kamil Ocak Street, Nail Bilen Street, Mithat Enç Street, Omer Asim Aksoy Street, Kemal Köker Street, Ataturk Boulevard, Ordu Street, including a total of 12 kilometers 175 meters bike path made.

On the other hand, the 18,7 kilometer for Yeşilvadi Park and the construction of the 14,5 weight meter bicycle path between Akkent and Karataş were continuing.

Since 2017, the Metropolitan Municipality has made the 12 kilometer bike route into the city; Kalealti, Old Stadium, 15 July Square, Maanoglu Park (Sanko Park), Fairy Tale Park, Wonderland and GAUN to 7 station 108 bike (GAZIBIS) has placed. In these stations; In the past year 20 thousand 207 people relieved the flow of traffic by crossing the total 181 thousand 863 weight meters.


In the meantime, GAZIBIS, which has been put into service under Gazi Ulaş, has been rented 54 bin 618 once again in the last year.

Citizens who use the rental management with an hourly rate of 1 TL can make free boarding on the public bus within 1 hours after the use of bicycles. Citizens managed to hire 491 thousand 562 kilometer meters with the average XNUMX managed.


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