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the cost of luggage in Eskisehir high-speed trains
the cost of luggage in Eskisehir high-speed trains

📩 08/11/2018 11:06

CHP Eskişehir deputy Utku Cakirozer, the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) in the Parliament using luggage from the citizens of the baggage charges caused by the victimization said, asked to be removed.

One of the common complaints of Eskişehir high speed train users was the baggage fee received. Utku Çakırözer, CHP Eskişehir Deputy, made a speech in the Turkish Grand National Assembly. Speaking during the budget negotiations, Çakırözer said, “Our citizens, who use the high-speed train, charge 10 TL for large suitcases. Especially our university students and elderly people cannot pay these prices at the door of the train. If they cannot pay, they are not put on the train. “This disastrous practice should be terminated immediately and the baggage charges on high-speed trains should be removed”.

The CHP's Çakırözer took the floor during the meetings of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure of the Turkish Parliament's Planning and Budget Commission and asked the Minister Fatih Dönmez to remove the baggage fees from citizens using high-speed trains. Cakirozer, trains in the salary of the officers in the train pointed out that the salary of the victims of this issue asked to be removed.

Xnumx kilograms of trains on the trains 30 TL lays attention to the charge of the Cakirozer, ır I also use the fast train very often as a proxy to witness the complaints I have many times. In particular, students and seniors suffer from baggage fees. Our old compatriots who travel to 10 liras between Ankara and Eskişehir, 15 liras have a lot of baggage charge for our students who travel to the city. Most of the time they are forced to go through the controls in an elderly way because they don't have money with them, and sometimes they are faced with the option of not being taken to the train. It is against human rights, unfairness, and conscience. This unfair practice should be terminated and extra charges received from the baggage should be removed. Bu

Cakirozer said that the number of salaries of the train officers in charge of the trains decreased by 30, and yüzde The salaries of the cabin officials will decrease in time. No overtime. A working system should be established in order to hear and resolve the complaints of the personnel. The salaries of the cabin officers should be raised and their grievances must be eliminated and the personal rights of the employees should be improved. Kabin

Cakirozer also draws attention to the problems experienced by subcontractors working in the railways. Eron The subcontractors working in the railways receive salaries in the month of the month in the 7 of the month. Employees are also victimized due to late wages. The salaries of our workers must be paid in full. The personal rights of our railway employees should be improved. Demir

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