Erdeniz Ferry, Bandırma – Tekirdağ Train Ferry Started Trial Expeditions

erdeniz ferry bandirma tekirdag train ferry trial flights began
erdeniz ferry bandirma tekirdag train ferry trial flights began

📩 26/02/2023 00:53

In Bandırma – Tekirdağ train ferry transportation, a trial voyage was made with the Erdeniz Train Ferry belonging to Negmar. Officials stated that the works will be completed in a short time and the ferry will start its journeys between Bandırma and Tekirdağ.

Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure-TCDD in the 2016 Bandırma-Tekirdağ train ferry transportation in the Negmar was run with the Erdeniz Train Ferries.

In order to ensure the transportation of the wagons from Anatolia and the Aegean to the Sea of ​​Marmara by train ferry and to Europe, TCDD made a tender for den Carriage of Wagons and Railway Vehicles with Train Ferry between Tekirdağ-Derince and Bandırma-Tekirdağ “in 2016. Erdeniz won Negmar Denizcilik.

Since the launch of 2016 between Derince and Tekirdağ since 300, the connection roads and loading ramps were expected to be completed for Bandırma-Tekirdağ flights.

Negmar's Erdeniz Ferries docked at Bandırma Port for the necessary tests and measurements.

TCDD Regional Directorate officials, Bandırma Port Authority officials, TCDD Port Directorate and Negmar company executives also watched the ferry docked in Bandırma.

The ferry left the port after completion of the necessary tests and measurements at the Bandırma Çelebi Port.

Bandırma-Tekirdağ trains are expected to start in the coming days. The start of the expeditions will create a great advantage for the industrial enterprises in the Marmara and Aegean regions. Exporters will transport their goods to Europe more quickly and safely.

Erdeniz Ferries, 198 meters, 15195 grt dimensions of the entrance to Bandırma Port drew attention.

The ship has a capacity 60 wagon also has the distinction of being the largest train ferry in Turkey.

Authorities, the work will be completed within a short time and the ferry to Bandırma-Tekirdag between the voyage will start voiced.


  • IMO: 7727334
  • MMSI: 271000745
  • Call Sign: TCCR9
  • Flag: Turkey (TR)
  • AIS Ship Types: Other
  • Gross Tonnage (GRT): 15195
  • Detveyt: 6266 t
  • Full Length x Full Width: 198.51m x 21m
  • Year of construction: 1979

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