EGO drivers say no to violence against women

ego soforları woman says no violence
ego soforları woman says no violence

📩 27/11/2018 14:48

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, oluştur 25 November International Day Against Violence against Women and Solidarity Day Kad within the scope of the work will create awareness.

In this context, theoretical training was given to the bus drivers working in the Metropolitan Municipality EGO General Directorate in order to prevent violence against women and to raise public awareness.


EGO drivers in training; In order to eliminate negative attitudes and behaviors that cause violence against women, the dimensions and types of violence, the effects of violence on children and women, social awareness, sensitivity, gender discrimination, awareness-raising and mechanisms of struggle against violence were explained one by one.

Emine Koç, Social Worker, emphasized the importance of the education they provided for EGO drivers and said:

Uz With the training given to men in particular, we reach more women. It's very meaningful to be here today to prevent violence against women. All over the world now 'how to fight violence' is spoken. We aim to raise awareness about what drivers can do to create a sensibility in their own lives as well as how to treat women passengers in the bus. Ş


The Metropolitan Municipality continues to support the ”Stay Against Violence ına slogan through the Women's Advisory Center, which provides services under the ete Struggle Against Violence against Women Büyük.

The Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which informs the public on the internet, warned that women with capital who are violent or at risk of violence, who need social, psychological, economic and legal support, and who want to learn their legal rights, can receive information from 0312 507 24 / 19 on dest 7 24 XNUMX İnternet features.

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