Railway Extends from Kurtalan to Siirt


📩 14/11/2018 14:24

AK Party Siirt deputy Osman Oren, Turkey State Railways (TCDD) 5th District Office for an extension of the railway line in Siirt, the last stop in Kurtalan TCDD General Director İsa Apaydın met with.

Ören said, “We evaluated the latest works regarding the extension of the railway line from Kurtalan district to Siirt, when the project works are completed, the tender of the railway line will be made. The line length is 36 kilometers, the tunnel length is 17 kilometers. With the completion of the project, drilling works on the route will be started in March 2019. Stations are Kurtalan, airport, Siirt University and city center. Our aim is to extend the railway lines in Siirt as soon as possible ”.

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