Winter Preparations in Railways

trainers on railroad tracks ok
trainers on railroad tracks ok

In Turkey, 67 thousand 898 kilometers of road network Highways General Directorate for Combating Center opened Karla is being followed by cameras 7 hours a day 24 days a snapshot and information systems.

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan, gave information about the fight against snow.

Stating that a Snow Fighting Center was established within KGM in order to prevent citizens from remaining on the road, Turhan said that closed road conditions and snow-fighting efforts were followed here with "online" maps, and images were taken from camera vehicles.

Turhan, on the road, 67 thousand 898 kilometers across the country, reported that traffic is monitored 7/24. Turhan stated that approximately 12 thousand 307 personnel will work this year within the scope of the fight against snow.

“Alo 159 line provides 7/24 free service”

Central to that followed in the entire road network in Turkey, the regional directorates of the Turhan describing able to monitor the status of work and the way their own limits, "thanks to vehicle tracking system in the work against the snow of construction machinery bulunarak immediately intervene in case of any glitches, reinforcement team we provide to be sent." said.

Turhan, winter drivers in accordance with the seasonal conditions to prevent the road closure of the roads and lead to grievance, stressing this year, warned the drivers not to repeat the same troubles.

Minister Turhan, Alo 159 line of 7 days 24 hour service is expressed.

Turhan stated that the necessary preparations were made within the scope of the fight against snow. In order to prevent the vehicles from sliding on the road, 400 reported a thousand tons of salt, 380 aggregates (sand and gravel mixture) and 2 thousand 886 tons of chemical solvents were stored.

Turhan pointed out that the Bolu Mountain Tunnel, where traffic flow is intense, and 15 July Martyrs and fixed cameras placed on the bridges of Fatih Sultan Mehmet were observed from the center.

“Airports are ready for winter”

Turhan said that the 289 is a special-purpose vehicle and the trained and experienced 600 personnel will be working there.

Stressing that the preparations continue at full speed, Turhan stated that there are 300 tons of “de-icing” liquid materials at the airports for use in snow-fighting services.

Turhan stated that the fight against snow was carried out with 31 special vehicles and about 100 DHMİ personnel at Atatürk Airport, and that 335 tons of “de-icing” liquid material was kept ready.

Preparations to combat snow at Istanbul Airport

Minister Turhan stated that the efforts to fight against snow continue at Istanbul Airport, the first phase of which was opened by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on October 29, 10-wheeled type combined snow fight, 5 compact-type combined snow fight, 2 snowblower (rotary), 10 snow plow and re-icing liquid spreader will serve here.

Turhan also stated that 18 runway braking measuring device is available with 3 aircraft and underfloor FOD and snowplow and the airport operator IGA has ordered 350 ton de-icing liquid material.

“YHT sets, diesel locomotive and train series will be available”

Turhan, in order to keep the railway lines constantly open in winter, 24 hour on the basis of all staff will be vigilant also expressed.

Explaining that the snow plowing vehicles and the team will be ready for the high-speed railway line with the eastern regions where heavy winter conditions prevail, Turhan said that the speed of the high-speed trains will be reduced if necessary.

Turhan, high-speed train operations in the face of possible negative YHT sets, diesel locomotives and train arrays will be made available, he said.

Source: DHMİ

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