Science Themed Birthday for Children

children on the theme of science
children on the theme of science

📩 14/11/2018 13:04

Kocaeli Science Center serving within the scope of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality organized a birthday event for children aged between 6 and 9. At the event where workshops and science shows were held, children had fun. Birthday event, 29 November born on the Turkish physic physicist Prof. Dr. Dilhan Eryurt was made with the theme.

Science Themed Birthday Party event, contributing to the work of the Sun and the evolution of the stars, the Apollo Achievement Award for the scientist Prof. Dr.. Dr. The documentary of Dilhan Eryurt was shown to children. Information about the astronomy and space mechanisms was given to the children coming from Kocaeli and the surrounding cities while Dilhan Eryurt's research was shown. A variety of workshops on astronomy and space, games and science shows were held and the birthday cake for the children who joined their families was interrupted. Children had a fun time in the activities.

Since its inception, Kocaeli Science Center has been receiving great attention from children and families. Participants spend a fun time in workshops, plays and science shows. The Kocaeli Science Center, which attracts great attention from the participants, has made an appointment with the participants from Istanbul and other neighboring provinces.

Kocaeli Science Center web page I Join online by making an appointment. Citizens can follow information through the web page and receive information. Also, citizens who want to get information about Kocaeli Science Center can also call 0262 325 75 59.

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