Çayırova Traffic Training Park Ended

cayirova traffic training ends in parkinda
cayirova traffic training ends in parkinda

A modern and livable urban identity for Çayırova by changing the face of the district with the giant halves it made in 4.5 years. kazandıran Çayırova Municipality has come to an end in the Traffic Education Park, which it started to build in the past months. The final touches are being put on the Traffic Education Park, which has become a necessity in rapidly growing districts and is an important project for children to gain traffic awareness at a young age.

Kocaeli's Largest Traffic Training Park in Çayırova

to the district with a cost of 2 Million 360 Thousand 360 TL. kazanThe center, which was established in Akse District, is located next to Çayırova Imam Hatip High School on an 8-decare area with its modern physical structure and fully equipped. The facility, which was completed in a short period of 4 months and every detail was considered in the name of traffic education, was the biggest of Kocaeli when it was finished. kazanwill ache. To create traffic awareness among students studying in Çayırova, to learn the traffic rules practically at younger ages, to contribute to the emergence of a youth who can think empathetically in traffic. kazanPractical traffic training will be given to 5.000 students every year at the facility.

Mayor Demirci; ”Our children will learn traffic awareness at an early age“

Traffic education in the park with children who want to instill traffic consciousness Demirci said, the project is progressing rapidly Akse Mahallesi'nde. In the project they started in order to create a conscious generation, Demirci said that they are considering a lot of details; 7 meter bike track, 350 meter driving trail, 800 m400 traffic training building, 2 m120 children's playground, 2 m180 amp, 2 meter and 2500 m2 will create a green field. When completed, Demirci also stated that he will be in the training areas such as pedestrian crossings, pedestrian overpasses, signalized intersection, uncontrolled junction, roundabout, level crossing, tunnel, cross road, bus stops, underpass, overpass, hospital, fire brigade and school crossings. He also stated that the works were intensified in order to complete the project in a short time.

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