Bursa High Specialized Junction Breathed

bursa high specialization breathed
bursa high specialization breathed

Within the scope of the Transportation Emergency Action Plan, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which solved the nodes in all intersections where the traffic came to the point of collapse, breathed the regional traffic with the smart junction model it applied at the High Specialization Junction.

Bursa City's 2035 year of the Traffic Master Plan continues to work uninterruptedly on the other hand, on the other hand about one year ago, the Emergency Action Plan, which is taken into action in a decisive step to progress. Traffic lights are shortened by waiting times and at the same time more than one vehicle with the opportunity to switch to smart junction models in the city center traffic was noticeable relief. In line with the Emergency Action Plan, Esentepe, Otosansit, Tuna Street FSM Boulevard, Beşevler, Emek Besaş, Çalı Hafize Hatun Mosque, İnegöl Shopping Center, Orhaneli, Police School, İnegöl Municipality Front, Gökdere, Mihraplı-Akpınar, Gürsu, İnegöl Courthouse and İnegöl Bedresu intersections. Completed. High Interchange Junction was added as the last ring to the crossroads. Professor Tezok is at the intersection of 11 September and Ankara Yolu Streets and therefore the traffic is coming to a standstill, especially in the morning and evening, and the arrangement at the High Specialized Junction has been completed.

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Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş examined the works completed at the High Interchange Junction. President Akay Hakan Bebek Deputy General Secretary Mohammed Gazali Sen and Getting Information about the latest situation at the junction, President Aktas, taking into account the financial situation with smart touches they have made a significant progress in the improvement studies emphasized. Stating that they received positive returns from citizens, President Aktaş said, ağı The High Specialization Junction was important because of the density at the east entrance of the city. There are some innovations in the master plan to this point, but since it is a building-intensive region, we cannot extend some branches. However, we took the necessary steps to accelerate the navigation. The area where the High Specialized Junction is located is an area of ​​3 thousand square meters. Within the scope of the studies Tezok, 11 September and Ankara Yolu Streets connections were relieved Tez.

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