President Toçoğlu Arrives With Sakarya Minibus Tradesmen

baskan tocoglu has met with sakarya minibus
baskan tocoglu has met with sakarya minibus

Meeting with members of Sakarya Minibuses Chamber of Tradesmen and stall heads, President Toçoğlu said, “We have had a nice harmony with our tradesmen since the day we took office. We have signed many works together with our tradesmen. In order to provide the best and quality service to the citizens of Sakarya, we have to keep up with the changes in accordance with the conditions of the era and we have to renew. Sak

Mayor of Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Zeki Toçoğlu came together with members of the Chamber of Minibuses Chamber of Tradesmen. The meeting was held at Maltepe Park, where the President of the Chamber of Minibuses, Ali Bektaş, board members and stall heads took place. Toçoğlu pointed out that one of the most important elements that reflect the spirit of the city and that stimulate the social and commercial life is tradesmen. The tradesmen and stall heads thanked President Toçoğlu for her support and requests.

Support thanks
Expressing their satisfaction with the meeting with representatives from each station, President President of the Minibus Chamber of Tradesmen Ali Bektas said, ç We are going to meetings from time to time. We come together with minibus tradesmen in other regions. We are together with our Mayor. We have a beautiful relationship. May Allah not ruin our unity. We can forward our requests from our minibus shopkeepers directly to our Metropolitan Mayor. We would like to thank our President Zeki Toçoğlu for their support. Başkan

Sample association
President Toçoğlu, who started his speech by expressing that they are doing the works in harmony with the artisans, said: ederek We often met and consulted. We have tried to be in close relationship with our tradesmen. We have an exemplary association. We gave importance to the culture of consultation in decisions concerning our tradesmen. Thank God we feel caught in every point of our city with our trades, ük he said.

We must keep up with innovation
President Toçoğlu, who called for minibus tradesmen, said, oğlu You are operating in an area that provides services to our fellow citizens. In this sense, you should bring the best service to our citizens. In order to provide the best and quality service to our citizens of Sakarya, we have to keep up with the changes and adapt to the conditions of the era. I hope to meet again; We evaluate your requests and requests. May Allah give you benefits in your works. Allah


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