Mayor Çelik Followed the Road Works in Pınarbaşı

baskan celik pinarbasinda followed the road works
baskan celik pinarbasinda followed the road works

Kayseri Mayor Mustafa Celik continues to follow the work done in the city center and districts. Mayor Mustafa Çelik, who was following the asphalt works at 30 Ağustos Caddesi in the city center, was in Pınarbaşı district today. President Steel, said they continue to carry the quality of service in the city center districts.

Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Çelik went to Pınarbaşı district to follow the asphalt works and to meet with the people of the district. Mayor Çelik was welcomed by Pınarbaşı Mayor Hamit Çevik and the citizens. With citizens sohbet Chairman Mustafa Çelik personally participated in the asphalt works.

Commenting on the work of the Mayor of Steel, with different teams in different parts of the city continued to work asphalting, alar One of our team working in the August Street 30 a team working in the district of Pinarbasi. City center quality asphalt is pouring here. We serve and serve people. That's the city of the heart. We are not only shaking hands but we are working with our people. While serving, we do not discriminate between the political parties, we serve the people in the districts. Last week we were in Sariz, we are in Pinarbasi this week. May my Lord bestow unfortunate use of these roads. Rab

Pınarbaşı Mayor Hamit Çevik thanked Mayor Çelik for his words: “Health in your hands to your labor Çev.



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