Traffic Breathing in Balıkesir

balikesirde traffic will breathe
balikesirde traffic will breathe

📩 07/11/2018 14:23

Mayor of Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality Zekai Kafaoğlu examined the interchanges on the bridge at Cengiz Topel Street. President Kafaoğlu intersection work in the center of Balıkesir after the two districts will be connected to each other, he said. Indicating that the city traffic in Balıkesir to relax, Kafaoglu 2019 will be opened to traffic before the year of the junction, he said.


President Kafaoğlu said: kaz Contractor firm bored piles, feet made. Construction will be completed with the latest joists. Hopefully the intersection will be finished until Christmas. Both ends of Balıkesir will meet. Altiyeylul and Karesi will link our district to the district of Bahçelievler, Plevne, Gazi Osman Pasha and Yildiz Neighborhood with the side of Pashaalan, Sefakoy and Ali Hikmet Pasa Mahallesi. Drivers entering the city at the junction, the state railways overpass, Cengiz Topel'ın passing through the Wind and Wartepe Street will reach the courthouse. Urban traffic will be seriously relieved. 20 thousand people go to the city hospital every day, including the courthouse and shopping center 40-50 thousand people per day will go to this region. I wish the services to be beneficial to the people of Balikesir. These services will do no more beautiful services. In order to make the urban traffic in Balıkesir even more comfortable, we rationalize our 18 light junction and make a dynamic intersection. Red light will be green light without waiting to be given the superiority of the transition. Our goal is to be a happy and peaceful city in traffic. Hedef

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