Flash Osmangazi Bridge Statement from the Ministry

flas osmangazi snout
flas osmangazi snout

📩 15/11/2018 11:32

Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, Osmangazi Bridge allegations related to tolls are unfounded.

The statement made by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure is as follows; Recently, some media outlets contain news that do not reflect the truth that citizens and the state are deceived about Osmangazi Bridge tolls, and an obligation has arisen to make public statements on the issue.

Construction of Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir Motorway, which is tendered by Build-Operate-Transfer model, is; Gebze-Bursa between the construction work was completed and opened to traffic. The operating activities of the mentioned segments are carried out by the authorized company Otoyol Yatırım ve İşletme AŞ.

To be able to make a smooth transition through HGS / OGS label; If the label is intact, it must be affixed to the windshield in accordance with the installation instructions, has a sufficient balance in the label account, if there is an account, there is sufficient balance in the account or the limit of the credit card is sufficient.

When the HGS / OGS label cannot be paid, the drivers are informed that they can make their payments within the 15 days before the cash collection.

Therefore, there is absolutely no compulsion for cash collections, payment by cash or credit card, or by paying a non-payment (non-payment).

Transactions made through tolls and the amounts to be collected in return for both cash and electronic payment, the company responsible for each type of payment, General Directorate of Highways (KGM), Consultant company commissioned by KGM and the Control Center separately within the KGM it is. Operator; even if it does not receive a fee from the passing vehicles, every passing vehicle is considered and considered under warranty.

In addition, the box office transactions 7 / 24 are recorded and continuously audited by all parties.

Therefore; The allegations that citizens are forced to pay cash, that cash collections are not recorded, that the citizens and the state are damaged are completely unfounded and unjustly blame all relevant institutions and organizations.

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