Country Sports with Sunflower Valley and Bicycle Island

aycicegi valley and bicycle island won the nation sports
aycicegi valley and bicycle island won the nation sports

📩 19/11/2018 11:18

President Toçoğlu, who welcomed the President of the Athletics Federation Fatih Çintimar, said: 'In 2020, we will host World Mountain Bike Marathon Championship in the Ayçiçeği Valley and Bicycle Island. Hopefully we will host national and international races İn. Çintimar thanked the President Toçoğlu for bringing the Sunflower Valley and Bicycle Island into the country sport.

Sakarya Mayor Zeki Toçoğlu, President of the Athletics Federation of Turkey Fatih Çintimar has had guests. Fatih Çintimar, who visited the Sunflower Valley and Bicycle Island first when he came to Sakarya, thanked President Toçoğlu for bringing such a beautiful resort to the country sport. Cintimar'a Sakarya Youth and Sports Provincial Director Fatih Çelikel, Metropolitan Municipality Youth and Sports Branch Manager was accompanied by Yusuf Ertugrul Erdem.

Not only cycling but also athletics
Çintimar, who visited the Ayçiçeği Valley and Cycling Island and visited the track schedule for the national and international competitions that can enter the activity schedule of the Athletics Federation in 2019, said: Vad Not only for cycling but also for athletics. I would like to thank the Metropolitan Mayor for bringing this facility to our country. Bu Çintimar also the opening of Sakarya, Turkey Olympic Preparation Center and Sakarya Metropolitan Club also expressed that they were very pleased to take part of the player.

Nice sports facilities
Underlining that the Sunflower Valley and Bicycle Island is an exemplary project, President Toçoğlu said, ı We are carrying out activities that are next to the sport and the athlete. With the sports facilities we built in our city, we enable the development of new athletes. On the other hand, we offer sports activities in different branches within our municipality. In 2020 we will host the World Mountain Bike Marathon Championship. In addition, our basketball team is competing in both Super League and Europe. God willing, Sakarya will continue to train new athletes who will make our country proud in every field of sport, will bring the sport to the country. İn

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