European Clusters Sit on Table in Zagreb

european girls sat at the zagrebde table
european girls sat at the zagrebde table

Clustering Policy Learning and Bilateral Business Meetings were organized by the European Union in Croatia's Capital Zagreb. During the Balkan meeting, while developing cluster policy and sharing successful practices, bilateral business meetings were held in order to strengthen inter-cluster communication and increase commercial potential.

In the event, where 65 cluster organization from Europe took place, OSTİM was coordinated by the Anatolian Rail Vehicles Cluster (ARUS) Coordinator. İlhami Pektaş, Construction and Construction Machinery Cluster (İŞİM) International Project Manager Esma Akyüz, Coordinator of Rubber Technologies Cluster. Kayhan Olanca and Renewable Energy and Environmental Technologies Cluster (OSTIM ENERGY) Coordinator Pınar Yalman Akcengiz.

On the first day of the program between 22-23 November 2018, the sessions were organized with the title of 'Cluster Policy Development' and 'Sharing Successful Practices'. In another session, 'International Clustering Collaborations' was discussed. Participants received detailed information on cluster co-ordination in the cluster related to the Joint Resources Council and on Intelligent Specialization. At the end of the day, the program was attended by the clusters of the 65 Cluster and the expectations from the program.

The second day of the program started with bilateral business meetings. OSTIM Clusters reached agreements to undertake important collaborations from these meetings. As a result of the negotiations, which were the first steps taken by the clusters for international cooperation, cluster managers shared important experiences with each other. Among the most important outcomes of the program was the agreement of the parties to sign a goodwill agreement.

After the meetings, field visits were made at the production facilities. In Croatia, Feroimpex, which produces spare parts for the automotive industry, exchanged views on the development of trade channels with Turkish firms.

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