ARUS Localization Day for Internationalization

Arus has been in cooperation for localization
Arus has been in cooperation for localization

The Anatolian Rail Transportation Systems Cluster (ARUS), which is also a member of TCDD, was held on 20 November 2018 Tuesday, in the OSTİM Conference Hall, ğu Collaboration Day for Internationalization de.

TCDD General Manager and ARUS Chairman of the Board of Directors İsa ApaydınOSTİM President Orhan Aydın, Aselsan Executive Vice President İbrahim Bekar and ARUS member companies and EGO officials attended the meeting.

APAYDIN: EM We give great importance to R & D with local and national production AP

TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın In his speech at the workshop, he recalled the mobilization of domestic and national production initiated by the presidency of the President and emphasized the importance of increasing the domestic and national production following the recent external economic attack.

XDBD 60 billion TCDD, as the railway sector, approximately 94 billion pounds investment, reported that Apaydın, D These investments; Dozens of projects have been implemented, including high-speed rail lines, modernization of existing lines, urban rail systems, modern YHT stations, renewal of towed and towed vehicles, signaling and electrification, logistics centers and the creation of a national railway industry. Yüksek

Apaydın said that the projects will continue to be used to weave high-speed and high-speed roads on the surface of the country.

Apaydın shared that the high speed railway construction has reached a very high localization rate, such as 90. In the production of domestic wagon, locomotive and train sets, we have also made significant progress. We started to develop and implement the national and national signaling project in our conventional lines. Kon

Apaydın stated that they did not see the studies on localization and national production enough and they wanted to increase the domestic and national production by cooperating with the stakeholder organizations, especially the ARUS member companies and metropolitan municipalities.

Apaydın, which is built by integrating with other city rail systems in the capital city of Ankara to provide modern suburban service between Ankara and Sincan, reminds me that they have commissioned the Baskentray project with 36 km and 520 passenger capacity per day. 65 km, 369 units, the length of the ongoing rail system lines 14.088 km.dir.

In Turkey city rail transport system is planned length of 2023 kilometers to go until 1.100. Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir need 2023 trams, light rail and metro.

We will also need 2023 pieces of high-speed train sets, 197 electric train sets and 504 pieces of locomotives until 500. Ayrıca


Apaydın emphasized that it is more important than ever to increase the domestic production and to realize these projects with domestic labor by cooperating with domestic stakeholders in the construction of new rail transportation lines and in the provision of transportation vehicles. Bu In the face of TCDD and ARUS, face to face interviews between TCDD and suppliers we have successfully held two workshops and have received very positive results.

A similar workshop is being held today between ARUS and EGO. I believe that a good work will be done today about domestic and national production. Acak

In collaboration with ARUS and EGO, face-to-face interviews were held between ARUS member companies and EGO participants to meet the needs of the vehicles in the EGO fleet with domestic and national opportunities.

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