Ankara Metropolitanly completed its preparations for winter with its powerful fleet

ankara buyuksehir has completed short preparations with its strong fleet
ankara buyuksehir has completed short preparations with its strong fleet

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs, 877 2 360 personnel and 100 vehicles with a powerful snow-combat fleet, XNUMX thousand tons of salt in stock, expected to pass this year in the winter, snow, ice and cold completed preparations for the fight.

From snow shoveling to salting vehicles, snow removal on the pavement, from the snowboard to the doser, as well as experienced personnel, the capital's 25 district and villages (villages), even a single citizen ready to be prepared for the day and night to stay victimized teams, this year also the capital road and to keep the pavements open.


The Metropolitan Municipality is constantly monitoring the capital roads with separate cameras at the control point in both Güvercinlik and the Headquarters in order to determine the clogged roads that are under its responsibility, to keep all roads open throughout the day and to be able to direct the anti-profit tools to the dense regions in an efficient and fast manner.

The officials of the Directorate of Science Affairs said, yönlendir With the mobile vehicle tracking systems in our vehicles, since we can determine where the vehicle is located, we are able to reach the nearest vehicle to the region which is most intense by means of the radio immediately. Araç


In the cold winter months, by keeping the snowfall and icy roads open under the influence of the capital, especially for the drivers to make safe driving, 50 has stated that they are constantly waiting for the vehicle at the critical point. It attracts attention.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which carries out a sample snow fight for many municipalities, prepares the expert personnel from the operator to the laboratory, 7 / 24 ready for the fight against snow.


-981 driver,

-652 operator,

-286 worker,

-50 master,

-273 formen, engineer, technician, topographer, field inspection officer,

-22 call center and vehicle tracking information processing,

-6 lab,

-90 district supervisor and controller officer


-100 Thousand salt stock

-4 snow plow and salt disposal tool,

-81 unimog snow shovel and salt disposal tool,

-81 rowing and salt throwing truck,

-434 normal truck,

-75 pickup truck 4 × 4 off-road vehicle,

-57 grader,

-65 scraper loader,

-10 snow blade scraper-loader,

-35 loder (with rubber bucket),

-29 dozer,

-5 rotary (snow removal and spraying vehicle over the sidewalk),

-1 large rotary.


Metropolitan Municipality of 7 / 24 on the task of combating snow, but the citizens of duty to prevent any problems in traffic, said the authorities, "Citizens, please do not come to traffic without tires suitable for winter conditions," warns.

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