Strike Notice Hanged at İZBAN Station in Alsancak


In the light rail suburban system İZBAN, which unites İzmir on the north-south route, collective bargaining negotiations between 342 workers and bosses have been deadlocked. The Railway Workers Union posted a strike announcement to the İZBAN station in Alsancak today.

Workers are going on strike in İzmir's longest urban public transportation system, İZBAN. The Railway Workers Union officially hanged the announcement, which announced the strike decision, because collective agreements ended in conflict and legal processes were completed.

Hüseyin Eryüz, the head of the Railway Workers Union Izmir Branch, said in front of the Alsancak station that the achievements that will satisfy the employees have not been achieved in the collective bargaining negotiations that have been held for 11 days since July 2018, 126:

“İZBAN worker is divided into seven professions. The net wage of a single worker in the group that receives the highest wage among these workers is 2390 TL. The number of people who received a net wage of 1878 TL is also to be underestimated. While the target inflation rate announced by the official authorities is in the range of 25-30 percent, it is impossible to accept an average of 14 percent hike offered by the employer. In the current economic conditions, the 28 percent increase we want is reasonable. For all these reasons, we have decided to strike. We inform the Izmir public that we are open to negotiations day and night until the last day to avoid a strike. The start date of the strike will be announced to the public in the coming days. ”


The announcement of the strike was announced to the public by the Railway Workers Union, and the announcement of the strike was announced to the public, and the day and time of the strike will be announced separately.

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