Safe Travel in Akçaray Vehicles

safe journey in akcaray vehicles
safe journey in akcaray vehicles

The service provided by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality and TransportationPark A.Ş. Akçaray, operated by 1, has been serving the people of Kocaeli for more than a year. 06: 00 in the morning between the night 24: 00 Kocaeli Kocaeli province of Kocaeli in the town of transportation of the tram in a short time, has become a preferred means of transportation by the people of Kocaeli. Maintenance of the vehicles in the Akçaray tram line is also carried out periodically for the safety of the passengers.

TransportationPark's expert maintenance team provides 6 maintenance for each vehicle in order to ensure safe travel for citizens. In this context, 4 bin maintenance, 10 times 1 bin, 30 times 1 once a thousand km maintenance is carried out. The vehicles are taken to the workshop every 60 once a day, and the air conditioning filter change and general vehicle control is performed. Turns (curves) in the city to minimize the inconvenience of sound 10 thousand km of a wheel turning is applied. In addition, faults occurring during the voyage are intervened within 50 hours at the latest and made ready for expedition.

1 has been making active 210 miles every day for tram cars serving the citizens. Tramcars 12 1 days in total more than the distance from the east to the west of Turkey (1973 km) are lead times.

TransportationPark Inc. trains its staff to provide maintenance services to Akçaray with its expert trainers. In these trainings, the maintenance team, which is under its own structure, includes trainings on the main subjects such as brake system, compressor, motor control and auxiliary power unit, pantograph, bogie, deray and underground lathe.

TransportationPark maintenance team to make use of imported products at a lower cost with a number of equipment localization studies are done. With these efforts, support is given to domestic and national capital. This way, large amounts of snow are produced from the tramway parts and special equipment produced by the maintenance team.

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