Yeşilçam and Göztepe Section of Malatya Northern Belt Road Completed

Yesilcam and goztepe section of malatya northern cakak road completed
Yesilcam and goztepe section of malatya northern cakak road completed

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality completed the transformation and renovation works on Yeşilçam Street and Göztepe Connection Road, which are the important parts of the Northern Generation Road.

The Metropolitan Municipality has completed two important corners of the Northern Belt Road.

President Polat: gel Yeşilçam has become one of our sample boulevards Başkan

Mayor Hacı Uğur Polat, who provided information about the works, said: ur Yeşilçam Street, which is one kilometer long, has been organized last year. We also completed the final arrangements on the street. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we carried out 1.2 meters wide double-sided roads, 14 square meter pavement, car parking lots, bi-directional bicycle paths, lighting, afforestation and flowering works in Yeşilçam. We finally completed concrete asphalt works on the street. Yeşilçam became one of our example boulevards. We do boulevard works in our neighborhoods under and above the perimeter road. We continue to work on the prestige boulevard throughout the city for a more modern structure in Malatya. " said.

Göztepe bicycle paths are being made

Yeşilçam Street, which is the continuation of the Tandoğan neighborhood and the Göztepe Neighborhood connects to the 700-meter link on the way to complete the work of the prestige Metropolitan, where the finishing touches. There are a few minor edits to the road linking the bike paths.

The Red River

The Municipality completed the asphalting works on the Kızılırmak Avenue in the recent weeks, which was combined with the Göztepe connection and completed the 2.7 kilometer line of the Northern Generation road.

Metropolitan Municipality, which makes crossroads arrangements at the points where the streets meet, continues to carry out the necessary traffic signings for the vehicle traffic to be more regular.

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