You Erdei Turkey's Biggest Train Ferry Ready to First Time

Erdeniz biggest railway ferry turkiyenin ready for the first time
Erdeniz biggest railway ferry turkiyenin ready for the first time

Negmar Denizcilik completed the first test flight of the Train Ferry transportation between Erdeniz Train Ferry and Bandırma-Tekirdağ. 198 and 60-meter-long wagon with a capacity of Turkey's largest train your field title Erdei having no ferry Ferry Train, freight wagons will begin in the coming days time.

Ministry of Transportation and the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) tendered by the year 2016, railway freight ferry from Banda-Tekirdag Erdei will make your train Ferry's first test flight was carried out and Bandirma port orientation. As a first step for the necessary measurements of the Erdeniz Train Ferry, which belongs to Negmar Denizcilik, berthing to Bandırma Harbor; The officials of the TCDD Regional Directorate, Bandırma Port Authority officials, TCDD Port Management and the business of carrying out the work of the Negmar company executives also witnessed a splendid main witness. After the necessary tests and measurements were completed successfully, Bandırma left the Port of Çelebi.

You Erdei, Turkey's largest train ferry

Speaking about the importance of flights between Bandirma and Tekirdag, Negmar Deputy Chairman Bülent Şafak stated that the flights will provide a big advantage for the industrial enterprises in Marmara and Aegean regions. "Export firms goods will lead to much more quickly and safely in Europe," said Dawn, the 60 wagon capacity of the ship, 198-meter-long 15195 grt'luk measure with being the magic of the train ferry in Turkey title was underlined in that it has. Şafak said: yatırım Negmar Group represents the power of investment in our country and region with its 14 international and national company, 3 international investor, 2 head office and its employees close to 600 with its active ecosystem in the maritime and logistics sector. Turkey's powerful logistics network with the significant contribution that will provide endless Banda-Tekirdag time we will reinforce our belief that power. We will start flights in a short time after successful test runs. Başar

300 flights were made in Tekirdağ-Derince line, in the Bandırma-Tekirdağ line.

In the 2016, two ferry transports were tendered by the Ministry of Transport and TCDD to ensure that the wagons from Anatolia and the Aegean were transported to Europe by the train ferry and transported to Europe. The tender, the cheapest and the only valid bidder in the structure of the Negmar Marine won. One of these tenders was the Tekirdağ-Derince line, which was transported from Anatolia. This line has so far been the 300 expedition. The second tender was Bandırma-Tekirdağ transport which was completed in the test flights. After the completion of the connection roads and loading ramps, the test runs of Erdeniz Train Ferry are expected to start successfully in the coming days.



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