Canalioğlu Questioned the Rail System

Canalioglu questioned rail system
Canalioglu questioned rail system

GOOD Party of Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality for the nomination of the CHP Volkan Canalioğlu CHP, yet announced that a decision.

GOOD Party of Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality, the candidate for the candidacy of the CHP Volkan Canalioğlu, has not yet decided a decision and announced. Canalioğlu speaking to the day, stating that everything can change in politics every moment,, I see the benefit of waiting for now. We need to see us. Ön Canalioğlu, GOOD Party also praised.

Canalioğlu said that it was an honor for him to pass his name. We tried to do it well. I'm resting, but some things are over us. I have not made a positive or negative decision at the moment. We have a process ahead of us. Ön

. How are you looking at the good party?, Canalioğlu replied: Koray Bey, who has served our city for years, has made a ministry. Regardless of which parties, we have no chance to look negative. This includes the AKP. The indispensable elements of democracy are political parties. Demokr

Canalioğlu, who criticizes the management of the existing Metropolitan Municipality, said, “I cannot say that Trabzon received very good service during this time. In fact, we left the task at the point where we can get a much better service. Even if they had a continuation, today, the light rail system would also be havaray. Drivers and tradesmen and traffic would be comfortable for our citizens. They couldn't produce anything. People of Trabzon are in need of service and above all need a municipality with open doors. ”


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