Two Collars Merged on the Road Providing Transportation to 7 Villages in Gölcük

7 sheep transport two lanes on the road
7 sheep transport two lanes on the road

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, continues to work on roads providing access to villages. While narrow roads are being expanded, the bridges that provide one-way journey are also removed in two lanes. In this context, the Department of Transportation continues to work on the expansion of the bridge providing access to the 7 neighborhood in Gölcük. In the works, the precast beams of the new bridge are being assembled, and the over-the-bridge production continues. After the pouring of concrete and asphalt onto the beams, connection works will be started.

The existing bridge is single-lane and is being expanded by renewing the traffic flow in the region. The new over-the-top bridge is being built with 2 lanes. Each strip of 13 meter-wide bridge will be 4 meters. On the bridge, pedestrians will also be paved with double-sided 2.5 meters wide. The bridge is being built with a total length of 34 meters.

Within the scope of the project, 3 thousand 500 cubic meters were excavated. 1000 cubic meter ready-mix concrete 160 ton ribbed reinforcing steel is used in bridge operation. 90 tons of asphalt will be laid on the bridge floor. There are 10 pieces of 34 meter precast beam on the bridge. Drinking water line displacement studies are also carried out on the existing bridge with 400 mm diameter. Since the bridge works, the transportation is provided for Siretiye.

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