Administrative Appeals Against the Moving Decision of 74 Railway Maintenance Directorate from YOLDER

Administrative application against the decision to move 74 rail maintenance
Administrative application against the decision to move 74 rail maintenance

📩 08/11/2018 18:44

The Railway Maintenance Personnel Solidarity and Assistance Association (YOLDER) has applied to the Administration for the re-evaluation of the decision to move the 74 Railway Maintenance Directorate from Isparta to Dinar.

The decision taken in Isparta, 14 civil servants and their families all work and private lives are adversely affected and compensated for the results of the application in the application, the negativity of the institution was also mentioned in the application.

In order to review and resolve the decision to move, the problems to be addressed in terms of the Authority were expressed as follows: The district of the Railway Maintenance Department was divided into two and moved to Erzincan and Sivas, and the center of the 43 Young Railway Maintenance Directorate moved to Muş. The fact that the center of Isparta-based 55 Railway Maintenance Directorate is moved to Dinar is, on the contrary, an administrative one and will be faced with the problems of appointment in the future.

Daily Fault Improvements of all Main Repair Group Road Machinery that come to the 74 DB Directorate area are carried out in Isparta and these maintenance can be done in Isparta again because of the lack of industry in Dinar.

Isparta Railway Maintenance Office workplace building has been recently renovated and serious costs have been made. In this critical period where our country is struggling with economic problems under economic pressure and applying saving measures under the economic pressure, the building construction, renovation, furnishing and maintenance, as well as the transfer allowances, transportation permits are unnecessary for our organization. it will lead to a charge. bir


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