Drilling Works Started for Yeni Ulus Square Project

drilling operations for the new nation-square project
drilling operations for the new nation-square project

📩 08/11/2018 17:44

For the first time in the capital city of Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Assoc. Dr. Drilling work has started for the Ulus New Ulus Square Project ına which is one of the priority projects he has heard from Mustafa Tuna.

With the slogan. As promised bir ”, the toplum Ulus Square Project hay, which has been realized within the scope of opportunities with common intelligence and opportunities as a result of its meetings with citizens and civil society organizations, will have a new square with Ankara.


President Tuna, "We will make a square worthy of Ankara," said immediately after the statement of the drilling work was started.

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure General Directorate of Highways, Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and Metropolitan Municipality within the scope of the work initiated in the first place at the 10 spot drilling work has been completed.

The first of the drilling works, which will reveal the infrastructure of the nation and the surrounding region, was started in front of Melike Hatun Mosque and Adnan Saygun Street.


The Metropolitan Municipality provides transportation and infrastructure support, and the drilling works carried out by the General Directorate of Highways will be carried out in total at the 80.

The drilling operations of the Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul, which stated that they had only done the lane closing method without closing the roads to the vehicle traffic, said, We will determine belir.

The second phase of the drilling work will be carried out on Çankırı Street and Atatürk Boulevard, the officials said, "So we will work at the stage stage 80" they said.



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