Chairman Uysal: We Are Establishing a Good Transportation System for the World's Best Airport

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mevlüt Uysal Turkey Summit in 2023 "Communication and Transport Panel" attended. Speaking at the panel, Uysal said, en If we are building the best airport in the world, passengers coming here should travel with the best transportation system. With this in mind, we will raise our work to 29 October Bu.

New Airport in Istanbul 'Target 2023 Great Turkey' Summit was held under the slogan 2023 Turkey. The Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mevlüt Uysal, Turkcell CEO Kaan Terzioğlu, Limak Holding Chairman Nihat Özdemir, THY Deputy General Manager Murat Şeker and Chairman of the Chamber of Shipping Tamer Kıran attended the Summit. After the opening speech of the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Mehmet Cahit Turan, the panelists' session started.

Speaking at the panel, President Uysal said that they will establish the best transportation system at the best airport in the world. President Uysal said, “We recently made a public transportation tender for the transportation of passengers to the airport. If we are building the best airport in the world, the passengers coming here should travel with the best transportation system. With this in mind, we canceled the previous tender on the grounds of public interest. The new halo was made by the IBB subsidiary, Bus AŞ. kazanwas. We talked and agreed with İGA, the operator of the 3rd Airport, about the system we dreamed of to realize here. After the new airport is opened in Istanbul, the passenger who wants to come to the airport will be able to learn online where the nearest bus stop is and what time it will leave from their smart phone or computer at home. This system will reach the opening date of the airport on October 29. With the transportation to be made from 18 different points, our passengers will be able to travel with a comfortable journey.”

IMM Uysal said Turkey did pioneering work on projects that brought to life, "as in the past IMM date technology in areas such as communications infrastructure are spearheading Turkey. Although we follow the latest developments in technology, we have the vision of municipality which is focused on producing the technology we need with R & D studies. We are in an era where objects from which the human element disappears communicate with one another. The more accurately we can coordinate the communication of objects with one another, the better we can achieve in intelligent urbanization. If we construct and communicate the communication infrastructure correctly in the city, then we can make a great distance in transportation and provide convenience. In order to solve the transportation problem, it is important to make the metro as well as to establish new bus lines. For this, we have implemented the Transportation Management Center. With UYM, we follow Istanbul's traffic 7 / 24 instant. Traffic signaling systems have significantly reduced the traffic density. The communication between the objects makes the transportation much easier, ciddi he said.

Uysal pointed out that the expansion of the fiber optic system is an important need. “Mr. Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cavit Turan talked about fiber optic cable in every home. The fiber optic internet can actually be seen as luxury when you look today. However, 100 years ago, electricity was not seen as human need for luxury. I believe that after about 10 years, it will be realized how important the fiber optic system is. Now, the system where the human element is able to communicate between the objects itself is going to be through fiber optics. In this way, smart urbanization projects will be implemented quickly, Bu he said.

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