UTİKAD Re-Approves at FIATA World Congress

International Transportation and Logistics Service Providers Association UTİKAD, which successfully continues to represent the Turkish logistics industry on international platforms, achieved a great success at FIATA World Congress held in India between 26-29 September 2018.

UTIKAD delegation led by Chairman Emre Eldener presidency, which will be held in Turkey in the 2018-2019 academic year for the fourth time FIATA received approval to continue to be given again by UTIKAD Training Diploma. The content and quality of education being implemented in Turkey who appreciate FIATA Vocational Training Advisory Committee (Advisory Body Vocational Training-ABVT), UTIKAD approves the next 4 years to give more FIATA Diploma in Education.

The trade delegation, which was created by UTİKAD with the support of the Ministry of Commerce, and the representatives of UTİKAD Board Members and UTİKAD member companies, attended the FIATA World Congress held in New Delhi between September 26-29. The delegation headed by UTİKAD Chairman Emre Eldener, who attended the meetings held within the scope of the congress, had the chance to hold bilateral business meetings with representatives of different countries.

The 452 members of the Turkish as well as the leading company in the logistics sector UTIKAD, in line with the objectives for the development of the logistics industry in Turkey was more of an international success with education-related logistics attaches great importance. Held in Istanbul in 2014 FIATA World Congress FIATA covered area UTIKAD approval to be granted Diploma Training in Turkey this year, India's capital has re-check the FIATA World Congress held in New Delhi. UTIKAD's fıata prepared by adhering to the educational content and develop content that gives full marks FIATA Vocational Training Advisory Committee (Advisory Body Vocational Training-ABVT), has approved four years to a more sustainable education in Turkey.

UTIKAD delegation, Turkey's ambassador to New Delhi Sakir Ozkan Torunlar also visited in his office. Ambassador at a meeting hosted by the Torunlar be taken towards the development of Turkey's economic relations with India steps were evaluated. Within the scope of the 100-Day Action Plan of the Presidential Cabinet; improving the planned cooperation between India and Turkey were discussed in the special logistics sector.

UTİKAD Delegation, which also met with the national freight forwarder associations of India, China and Mexico to discuss the content of the Trade and Investment Action Plans prepared within the framework of the 100-Day Action Plan, has also created new dialogue channels to increase international business relations and to develop collaborations. .

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