Izmir Bay Transition

urgent case for cancellation of izmir korfez gecis project
urgent case for cancellation of izmir korfez gecis project

Izmir Bay Transition Project against the environment and professional organizations and citizens' lawsuit was opened.

According to the expert reports, the decision to stop the execution of the process was opened against the Izmir Gulf Transition Project. In the hearing of the case today, the environment and professional organizations demanded the cancellation of the project's damage to both nature and urban culture. The court's decision to wait.

The case was opened by EGEÇEP, TMMOB, Doğa Derneği and 85 citizens against the İzmir Gulf Transition Project in the AKP's local election declaration. In the trial held in the court of the Izmir Regional Court of First Instance, the damage caused to the İzmir Bay by the project was expressed and the decision was made to cancel the given EIA positive decision. Izmir 3. Apart from the lawyers of the Administrative Court, EGEÇEP, the managers of the Chambers of the Chamber of Commerce (TMMOB), the citizens, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and the bureaucrats of the General Directorate of Highways and Inciralti 2, who are involved in the case next to the ministry. Generation Platform also joined.

EGEÇEP Lawyer Arif Ali Cangı stated that the Gulf Transition Project is in conflict with the project of rehabilitating the Gulf of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Izmir to be a livable city and to maintain the identity of the Gediz Delta Izmir Bay with the need to protect the Cangı added that the project is part of the project of Istanbul'ye Istanbul said. Otherwise, the city will become uninhabitable Cangı stressed that the public interest, he said.

Özlem Şenyol, the Izmir Branch President of the Chamber of City Planners, reminded that the Gulf Transit Project is not included in the Izmir Master Plans of 100 thousand and the transportation master plans prepared for the 2030 year of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and there is no need for the city. Geophysical Engineer Erhan İçöz, who is among the plaintiffs, informed that there is no more drilling work than 50 meters in the project. For a carriage in the real sense, the 6 meter should go down to the deep. Gerçek İçöz, bridge feet in the area of ​​the archaeological examination of the area given that information is not given.

The lawyers and bureaucrats of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and General Directorate of Highways suggested that the EIA file was appropriate and would not harm the regions where it will pass. The expert who opposed the expert report requested additional expert examination and the rejection of the case.

The court will announce its decision in the coming days.


Izmir Gulf Transition Project, 2014 in the local administration elections of the AKP's Izmir Metropolitan Mayor nominee, the period's Minister of Transport, Communication and Maritime Affairs, now acting as the speaker of the Parliament Binali Yildirim's election declaration of the first in the 1.414 project "Gulf" The Golden Necklace tı. The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization approved the environmental impact assessment (EIA) positive report of the İzmir Gulf Transit Project, which is planned to connect İnciraltı to the south with the connection of the Environmental Motorway Çiğli to the north in March 2017. The İzmir Bay Crossing Project, which started from the Sasalı junction of the İzmir Ring Road on the west side of the İzmir Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone, was intended to be terminated at the intersection with the Çeşme Motorway in the south. The project is projected as 12 km motorway, 16 km rail system as a bridge over the 4.2 km feet in the north (in the form of 200 up to mt bridge over the gulf scanning channel), an artificial island of 800 mt and 1.8 km. immersed tube tunnel
was planned.


The Gediz Delta, located in the northern part of the project, is one of the most important habitats of flamingos and many bird species in the world. Gediz Delta, one of the 14 internationally important Ramsar sites in Turkey, also protected as a Natural Protected Area. Turkey has one of the largest coastal wetlands in the face and the measurement of Izmir Gediz Delta is very flamingo nest from 40 thousand, UNESCO provides all of the four criteria for World Natural Heritage Site. Therefore, the decision taken is of historical importance in terms of the world nature conservation case-law.


The 11 expert appointed in the case against the project, the expert prepared the report in the EIA file, the evaluation of the effects of the project on the Gulf ecosystem was insufficient. According to the report Izmir 3. The Administrative Court decided to stop the execution. In the expert reports, plan the project's protected areas and negative effects on the wetland of Gediz Delta were not examined adequately, since the İzmir Bay Crossing Project was not produced as a strategy for a plan at the province or region level ”.

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