Master Plan Bursa's Road Map of Transportation

master plan will be the road map of bursan
master plan will be the road map of bursan

📩 08/11/2018 17:47

Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Alinur Aktas said that the transportation master plan, which is expected to be approved in November, will be the road map of Bursa, and said that within two years, they will take steps to avoid transportation problems.

Mayor Alinur Aktas, gathered around the same table with the citizens, to listen to the problems on the spot Bereket Sofrası, was established this week in Hacıvat Mahallesi. President Aktas who made the morning prayer in the Somuncu Baba Mosque, later met with the citizens at the breakfast table consisting of simit, cheese, olives and tea. Neighborhood residents, the problems they experienced and service expectations, while the Metropolitan, BUSKI and Burulaş bureaucrats were present at the meeting where all requests were taken individually.

“Bursa win, we scoop”

Bursa, especially after the years of 1970 rapid migration, the growth of hormones, said that this growth brings some problems with President Aktas, to analyze the current situation well and determine the road map according to him, he said. In the 17 district, with the application of Tümşehir, they are trying to deliver services to the 1058 neighborhood. We are coming together with our muhtars, we are coming together with our citizens. We do not have unlimited resources as metropolitan. However, acting on the budget realities, we try to complete all the jobs that are left unfinished. Ancak

Healthy transportation to every point

Noting that some traffic relief has been provided with the intersection applications, lane extensions and newly opened roads within the scope of the emergency action plan, Mayor Aktaş stated that the process regarding these regulations continues. Stating that the subject they emphasize on transportation is the transportation master plan, President Aktaş said, “We will have the plan approved by the General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments in November and will be announced to the public. This plan will be our roadmap. We calculate for a more comfortable transportation of a citizen living in our Hacıvat neighborhood to the university or a healthier transportation of a citizen in Osmangazi to a point in Nilüfer. We map out this. Hopefully, you will see that we will take serious steps in this regard. Bursa is a very fertile and lively city. If we go hand in hand, there is no trouble that we cannot overcome. I always say; Hopefully, traffic will not be spoken in Bursa 2 years later. ”

”There is no match for everyone“

Commenting on the urban transformation issue in which the citizens have an important expectation in Hacıvat Mahallesi, Mayor Aktaş reminded that the transformation decision taken by the Metropolitan Municipality Council was stopped by law. Stating that a square meter per square meter system will not be an urban transformation, Mayor Aktaş said, “You are planning 1000 people where 2000 people used to live, and then you say there is a traffic problem in Bursa. Let's sit down the curve and talk right. You will get square meters per square meter. You will give 30 -40 years old building and replace it with a new flat. From this job, the municipality will win, the contractor will win, the person will win. Not everybody wins. In this business, everyone will win, Bursa will lose. Even the inflated balloon bursts after a while. What we need to do next is to determine the roadmap well. Now we are working on this issue, we are working on transportation and zoning. We need to grow Bursa, there is no other solution. We will finish Bursa while saying that we should not finish the plain. ”


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