The Third Airport Operator's Law Challenge

third airport operator
third airport operator

📩 06/11/2018 20:05

  1. Ferit Kaya (2), who was working as a construction machine operator for about 30 years in the airport construction, suffered hearing loss while working at the construction site. Kaya was given a report by doctors that ”cannot work hard”. The young worker was dismissed on the grounds that his illness persisted. Kaya said the measures to reduce the noise level is not taken and can not do this work, the company filed a lawsuit for compensation 100 thousand pounds.

According to the news of Sevgim Begüm YAVUZ from SÖZCÜ, Ferit Kaya (3), who worked as a construction machine operator for approximately 2 years in the construction of the 30rd Airport, suffered hearing loss while working on September 21, 2017. The physician, who made the first intervention, referred Kaya to Bağcılar Training and Research Hospital. Indicating that there is total hearing loss in the right ear, the doctor gave the report to the young worker that “it is not appropriate to work in heavy and dangerous jobs”.


On the report, the İGA Airports Construction Ordinary Partnership Commercial Enterprise fired Ferit Kaya on the grounds that his illness was persistent. Istanbul Occupational Diseases Hospital also prepared a report stating that “Hearing loss is of professional origin depending on workplace conditions”. On the other hand, it was stated that Kaya had a slight hearing loss in his left ear.

He said that he had sustained constant NOISE

  1. Indicating that the construction of the airport is a huge construction site, continuous noise and loud noise during the business hours, as well as blasting operations with dynamite in construction, Ferit Kaya's lawyer, Hacer Güvençel, said in the petition he submitted to the Bakırköy Labor Court: "No training, information or warning was given, no measures to reduce the noise level were taken."


Ferit Kaya, stating that his only qualification in the context of his work and life is construction machinery operator and it is not possible to do this job anymore, within the scope of İGA Airports Construction Ordinary Partnership Commercial Enterprise, 500 lira material to Cengiz İnşaat, Mapa İnşaat, Limak İnşaat, Kolin İnşaat and Kalyon İnşaat, He filed a total compensation lawsuit of 100 thousand 100 lira, including 500 thousand lira spiritual.


İGA Airport Operation Inc. In the reply petition submitted by the court, it was claimed that there was no contractual relationship between the defendant company and Ferit Kaya, and that the claims in the petition of the applicant were incompatible with the material fact. In the petition, the, IGA Adi Partnership has been made by all the warnings in the sense of occupational safety of the plaintiff is completely clear that caused the behavior caused by ın expressions were used to decide on the merits of the case was requested to be rejected.


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