Türel: Varsak-Otogar Tram Line will be in service in New Year

Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Menderes Türel, 3. The Stage Rail System said it was driving at full speed. Stating that the floor laying works including the night continued, President Türel emphasized that the works were carried out at a speed that signed world records. Species “3. We are planning to complete the train between the Varsak-Otogar of the Phase Rail System and even on the rails like December-January. Etap

  1. Head of the rail system from the route to the Varsak'ta construction site in the area to the bus carrying the President President Türel, gave information about the work on the bus. President Türel, the 24.9 between the total 3 and the Varsak-Zerdalilik in length. He said that even the works between Varsak and Otogar, the first stage of the phase rail system, continued at full speed. 1.5 1 completed in the year. President Türel said that the record-breaking railway system works broke the record as the fastest-ending rail system project in the world. bit One of our biggest projects, 3. Our monthly system construction is continuing quickly. We are carrying out world records at a speed that is signed Dünya.

Total number - 24.9 km
President Türel, who gave numerical information about 3 Stage Rail System, said; Kilometre Our line is total 24.9 kilometers. This is a length that includes both trunk and storage connection lines. We have an in-depth station, 38, and an underground station. We will supply the energy with 13 pieces of transformers. We have 4 overpasses under the project. 1210 meters will be our open and close and tunnel tunnel production. N

An important part of the IFC loan came
3. Stage rail financing World Bank organization IFC to provide the credit institutions to the President stating the they scored a first in Turkey Turel, "unintentional Treasury guarantee foreign credit institutions for the first time in Turkey, gives us credit opportunity in this project. At present, a significant portion of the loan is paid to the contractor firm in return for the progress made. An important part of our case has come to our safe. Our construction continues rapidly. İnşaat

Varsak-Meltem to grow between March and March
25, a line near 3 km. President Türel said that the Stage Rail System was completed in stages, Başkan Currently there is a section from this storage area to the bus station. From there, we will have a stage from the university to Meltem. 3. On our stage, we will carry out the renovation of the old line and remove the nostalgic tram line, which has continued from the Training Research Hospital to Işıklar until the end of 2. 3. We planned the stage after the 2019 March elections. We will try to raise the 2 line outside of it to the local elections in March. Thus, we will try to equalize our own records, Bö he said.

We don't cut a single tree branch.
, This passage will be in front of the University Campus, “said President Türel. There the rail system across the entrance of the campus to the Research Hospital right level will go under the rail system will take the vehicle path. There will be a highway underpass. Acak
President Türel said that all the trees on the line were dismantled and not cut., We don't even cut a single tree leaf and its branch dü.

20 new vehicle to be taken
Answering the questions of the press, President Türel, 3. The question of whether to buy a tram for the Stage Rail System, Etap 3. stage of our vehicle tender completed. However, due to turbulence in exchange rates, the possibility of firms being forced to supply vehicles arose. That's why we're gonna bid. Because then we can experience serious problems due to price difference. We're going to re-tender. According to our planning, we will buy 20 vehicles in the first place. In the process we will complete this to 47. We will get our rescheduling decision soon Yeniden.

Night working
President Türel stated that they planned a day-to-day working program to further tighten road closure times in order not to make the citizens and tradesmen suffer during the work. At least while we are working in the median center, we will be able to traffic the traffic on line-by-line as a single lane or two lanes En.

Museum Zerdalilik line will be renewed
President Menderes Turel, the Museum-Zerdalilik line will be completely renewed on some parts of Ataturk Street by tram, the vehicles will use the same way, he said. Türel said, Tür We have a closed track on the left side of Atatürk Street. In the direction of going from the Dönerciler Bazaar to the old municipality will use the same way with the tools. The middle median remains. We're going to build a railroad that goes to the cars. Arab

1400 meter rail was laid
Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department Head Hülya Atalay made a presentation about the works. Part of the work on the route is progressing quickly stated that the 24.9 meter de rail. Up until now 3 thousand tons of hot asphalt stating that Atalay, including the night, said the floor laying work.


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