tudemsas are reviewed
tudemsas are reviewed

📩 06/11/2018 20:03

Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Sivas deputy Ahmet Ozyurek, the previous day in his speech at the Grand National Assembly of Turkey in support of the amendment to the Law on Strengthening the Turkish Armed Forces said.

Vakf We Support the Amendment to the Law of Turkish Armed Forces Foundation “

A law proposal on amendments to the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation was discussed and resolved by the Turkish Grand National Assembly. MHP Sivas Deputy Ahmet Ozyurek, who spoke in the session the previous day, TSD'nın in our province of all kinds of weapons and equipment can produce TSK'nın said.

Özdemir, who stated that TÜDEMSAŞ provided employment to a thousand people in the past, stated that this number has fallen to a thousand people today. Returning to the old days of TÜDEMSAŞ, should contribute to production MHP deputy Özyürek, TSK can do all kinds of R & D studies here, he said.

Özyürek said, m TSK Strengthening Foundation has been established in order to improve the defense and industry of our country, namely the establishment of defense industry branches, to increase the combat power of Turkish Armed Forces by purchasing warfare, weapons, tools and equipment and to provide material and moral support of our nation “.

"The owner makes bad neighbors human goods" Özyürek reminiscent of the saying, "the United States will be recalled that the Cyprus Peace Operation following the February xnumx't onwards ASELSAN on an arms embargo which implements Turkey, İŞBİR, if ASB was founded SusAsi and ROKETSAN. Thus, by developing our own R & D Center, we have made great contributions to our army with the organizations within the body of Turkish Armed Forces Foundation. Today at the point where we come with Mehmetçiğimiz equipped with local weapons and equipment, trust the friend, the fear of the enemy has released ğ he said.

Özyürek continued as follows:

, If we die for the homeland, the flag, the state and the nation, I will be martyred. We support the proposal of the Great Turkish Nation Foundation to amend the law. On the other hand, we have TÜDEMSAŞ manufacturing workshop in our province of Sivas. TSK Foundation can benefit from this factory. By doing studies, he / she can develop his / her R & D. In the past, the number of people employed in this environment where 5 thousand people were employed was reduced by 80. 5 has been reduced from one thousand to one thousand. 80'den percent from manufacturing 20'e percent has fallen.


The law on the Amendment to the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) was adopted and adopted by the Turkish Grand National Assembly. The law aims to remove the undersecretary and deputy undersecretary positions in the Presidential Government System as well as adaptation to the change in the presentation of the Vice-President.

According to the law, the Vice President will be a member of the Board of Trustees of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Defense will end its membership. General Staff 2. The President of the General Staff will be appointed as a member of the Board of Trustees.

According to this, the Board of Trustees of the Foundation shall be chaired by the President, the Vice-President appointed by the President, the Minister of National Defense, the Chief of the General Staff and the President of Defense Industry.

The Board of Directors of the Foundation shall consist of at least 3 and maximum 7 members selected by the Board of Trustees. In accordance with these regulations, the amendments to be made in the foundation deed will be applicable until the registration of the foundation deed is completed. The changes to be made to the bill will be registered in accordance with the provisions of the Turkish Civil Code. However, this provision will be applied without waiting for the registration process to be completed.


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