TCDD and Subsidiaries Housing should not be sold

📩 01/10/2018 17:47

Abdullah Peker 4, President of Transportation and Railroad Workers Union (Udem Hak-Sen). The district and TÜDEMSAŞ Housing Houses said that they had an important place in the development, cult and promotion of Sivas.

Peker said in a written statement; Kalan We have heard that TCDD and TÜDEMSAŞ TÜLOMSAŞ and TUDEMSAŞ residences, which are the few historical sites of the Republic, have an obstacle to the development of our city and should be sold. According to us, in spite of the fact that the lodging is very similar to the history of the Republic of Sivas, there are many memories about the recent history of people living in the city. He needs to stand. In the middle of this year, the demolition of the old Numune Hospital building demolished by taking the decision to demolish a new wreckage of debris in the middle of the history and the demolition of those who try to perform the demolition will remain at this time. The residential complex of Sivas, which is the first regular settlement of the garden, does not deserve to be sold. This place needs to be transformed into a more livable, more beautifiable place. . As a union, we are against the sale, destruction and destruction of this place and we will always continue to be opposed. not to support the development of the support on the contrary is not a fuss. For many years, the people who have lived and lived in these lodgings and who have lived before in Sivas are well aware of the people who are living in these houses.

Many years ago, a German citizen who works in the construction of TÜDEMSAŞ is acquainted with our locals in Sivas, and then he directs this question. Vatandaş TÜDEMSAŞ in Has he reached to Kızılýrmas? Is it more modernized by adding to the lodgings? The diorama. We are growing with the culture of lodging and trying to cultivate our children with this lodging culture, this is not true to sell here.

Even pronouncing the word "sale" will be the biggest damage to Sivas. Our advice to the people and their plots of TÜDEMSAŞ and TCDD 4 Business Directorate and how they are telling them about how to locate them; Let's support these lodgings by hand and move them to a much better spot. A better arrangement with the city's environmental history Let's create live, so you have to do favors Sivaslılara and Turkey.
As a result, the Residences do not interfere with anything; The sale or demolition is also not correct. Work for Sivas, not for rent, to destroy and sell the works of the Republic of Sivas, the Republic of the foundation of the Republic is not worthy of the city.

As a union, we will always do whatever we can legally sell and destroy this place. When asked to be put on sale or demolished, we will do our best to make the decision to stop the execution, which is our legal right. ” said.

Abdullah PEKER
Chairman of the Union of Transport and Railway Employees


  1. It would be wrong if the lodgings or the place would be sold for rent .lojmans should be given to employees who are suitable for their job from TCDD personnel. For example, to the technical staff of the wagon working shift. train officers should be given .. former Tdemsan officials come and go like officers to work .. Most of them have houses. Even all officials who are in good financial situation in the region or who are not invited to work outside of working hours should not be visited,

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