TCDD Transportation 2018 Year II Term Training Program Has Started

TCDD Transportation Inc. 2018 Year II Term Education Program, 08 October 2018 in Aydin / Kusadasi began with a ceremony.

”We produce services in a very large geography from Europe to Asia and the Middle East“

General Manager Veysi Kurt, who delivered a speech at the opening of the program, pointed out that the transportation family was about 11 a thousand people and that they reached 30 with the other service purchases, and said, UM When we look at our responsibility area, our service area and our responsibility geography; a train from Holland, a train from Siberia, a train from Baku, a train from Sofia. Except Africa, we produce services in a very large geography, including Europe, Asia and the Middle East. No matter what anyone says. 'Ayinesi is the business person, not look' 10 in Baku-Tbilisi-Kars, 19 in Iran, 18 in Europe, total 50 destination. Our goal is to descend to Afriya, even with the US, Australia. Our organization 14 was founded in June 2016. However, we started to work in 2017 with our own resources and resources. Ancak

”In 2017 we have reached the highest values ​​in the history of railroads“

He said that 2017 reached the highest values ​​in the history of railroads and that they would exceed these values ​​in 2018. Aş In the first 2018 month of 9, 600 is a thousand tonnes in freight transportation. We have a million passengers a year in YHT. We've got a million on the convention. We have transported more than 3.5 million people in Marmaray. We transported 5 million passengers in Başkentray. We are planning to reach 8 million at the end of the year. In 2017 we have achieved the highest figures of all years. We increased both freight, passenger and urban transport. In 2018, we are over 2017. Da

Dir This thanks is halal like milk “

Kurt thanked all his colleagues in all levels and said: konu This thank you, my mother is like all milk to my friends. Let's make 2018 better than 2017. 2019,2023,2035'i better than yesterday, we speak with this sincerity. We come together with you, we are doing our training to better our organization and to carry our country to better places. Ler

”Let's be careful, follow orders and rules“

Kurt also stated: taşıma We both increase our transportation and carry out the dangerous goods transportation of our country. Every day we carry a thousand tons of 100 cargo. 20 thousand tons of this number is dangerous goods transportation. For this reason, our business is very important for both our own and our stakeholders. We need to develop ourselves on these issues with such trainings. İşte

Kurt, who draws attention to change, to think differently and to look different to create awareness,

Dık We carried our 49 million citizens with zero accidents in HRCs. This shows how highly secure our business is. A lot of work is falling for our friends at the mechanic, district and maintenance department. Everything needs to be done according to procedures and standards. Let's be sensitive and careful, and follow and follow orders and rules. Dikkatli

2018 personnel will be trained in 35 program within the framework of 1050 Year II Term Training Program of the organization.



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