Government officials should be removed from politics

Abdullah Peker, Chairman of the Transport and Railroad Workers' Union (UDEM HAK-SEN), in his written statement stressed the need for civil servants to open the way for political freedom.

Peker said in his statement; Ler Trade unions should channel their energies to civil and country affairs, without a side to political fans. Every political party has almost a trade union. The Confederation of Trade Unions is only a union of civil servants. He has been in serious consideration of country affairs and will be thereafter. The crisis and its solution, which was on the agenda of our country, will be explained to the unions first, and it would be very appropriate to take ideas. We are still waiting for this proposal to come from the political will. Ları It is because of the fact that they cannot fight the civil servants and the right to search for the rights that have left unions ineffective mensup.

“Wage injustice exists” Peker stated that the resulting incompatibility reflected negatively in civil servant wages, “This mismatch reflects negatively on civil servant wages. The total number of civil servants in our country is 3 million. These people are the hands of the state, the executive body. All titles between the Undersecretary and the Mustahdem do their best in the field of service to the country. This is so beautiful. What is not nice is the terrible wage injustice among these people. This is a very disturbing situation. Officers are raised twice a year periodically, and these hikes do not contribute to subsistence to already low-paying officers. Namely, 3,5 percent hike brings 400TL increase to 500% of employees in the upper authorities, while this figure is 100TL or 150TL for low-paid civil servants. Nobody can call this fair distribution of wages.

“Political freedom should be given” The civil servants cannot make politics without resigning from the Public Service. This law should change urgently. The hikes actually fall below the annual inflation. Civil servants should be given political freedom, and the existing Public Employees Union Law (4688) should be urgently changed and the right to strike should be granted at the demands of the unions. In the concept of wage in the country, if the scales are on the ground and one is in the sky, if the social justice and social sharing is not really done, the discomfort among the people in the society continues. In parallel, crime rates also increase. As the Public Employees Rights Union, I hereby declare that we will be happy to be a party to the solution of our country's issues. "The civil servants cannot enter politics without resigning their duties. This law changed urgently and the civil servants should be given the right to politics."

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