Silahtaraga Tunnel is Ready at the End of the Year


The Silahtarağa Tunnel, which Eyüpsultan Municipality works jointly with the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, will shorten the distance between Silahtarağa Street and Vardar Street.

In this way, Alibeyköy traffic will relax.

Mayor of Eyupsultan Remzi Aydin, gave the latest information about the work done.

He has heralded that the Silahtarağa Tunnel will be opened to vehicle traffic at the end of the year.

President Remzi Aydin, Silahtarağa Tunnel with Alibeyköy traffic will be solved in a radical way, he said.

Ends in Works

Visiting Silahtaraga Tunnel last week, President Remzi Aydın said the works have been progressing rapidly and the construction work in the tunnel will be finished by the end of the month.

Emphasizing that road traffic will relax, President Aydin continued;

“By the end of the year, I hope it will be opened to vehicle traffic. Our citizens will be able to reach Akşemsettin, Çırçır, Karadolap and Yeşilpınar neighborhoods directly on Vardar street without ever entering Alibeyköy. It will gain a function that relieves extremely traffic. Let's be patient for another two months. ” said.

The tunnel, which has a length of 200 meters, will provide direct passage between Silahtarağa Street and Vardar Street.