Smart Card and Assistant Inspector from Van Metropolitan

Van Metropolitan Municipality, public transport in the city with a private public bus and minibus, intelligent fee collection system and did not run the inspection.

Private public buses and minibuses providing public transportation services were inspected in Van. In the inspections carried out by the teams of the Transportation Department at 14 points, controls are made regarding the transition to the smart fare collection system in private public buses and the absence of a deputy in minibuses. In addition, while the period of collecting wages in private public buses has ended from today, mobile card sales and filling services are also provided at 5 points so that the citizens do not have difficulty in reaching BELVAN KART.

Follow-up oversight of the Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Fazil Tamer, from the early hours of the early hours of the citizens are struggling to prevent problems, he said.

The Deputy Secretary General Tamer stated that the audits will continue and said Tam As of today, with the instructions of the Governor, there will be no charge for private public buses. We are working hard for our citizens to have trouble because of being the first day. At the 14 point, the teams connected to our Transportation Department are working. Again, we created 70 dealer, 7 smart filling point and 5 mobile card sales and filling team so that our citizens cannot be victimized. These teams will provide BELVAN CARD filling and sales service at the points that are busy all day long. We are also trying to provide convenience to our citizens by organizing additional flights on our busy routes. As of now, we did not have a serious problem in our private public buses. Citizens in our dealers both at our smart filling stations and our mobile teams to provide their cards by filling out, "he said.



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