Trambus test drive started in Sanliurfa

The trambus test drives were successfully completed in Şanlıurfa. The trambus, which will serve the line 63 between Abide and Balıklıgöl, completed its transportation without any trouble during the test drive and got full marks.

Nihat Çiftçi, the Mayor of Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality, participated in a test trip with the representatives of the local and national press organizations operating in the city. Meeting with members of the press in the center, President Nihat Çiftçi returned to the collection center by using the same direction as the Atatürk Street, Kapaklı Passage, Samsat Square, Demokrasi Street, Balıklıgöl and Archeology Museum. No transportation was carried out on the 7 kilometer.

After the ride, the President's Couple made a statement to the reporters, said the purpose of the Sanliurfa transportation to bring permanent solutions, he said.


Stating that trambus transportation will be a more comfortable and environmentally friendly application in Şanlıurfa, where 190 thousand citizens are provided daily, Mayor Çiftçi said, “We have carried out the test drive of a transportation project that is very important for our Şanlıurfa. The transportation system of our trambus age. It is quiet, environmentally friendly and provides a very high capacity of transportation. Together, we have completed the 7-kilometer route. Comfortable and comfort is very high. It will serve on our line number 63 in the historical places of our Şanlıurfa. Both the line and the turnstile systems will be driven by all our machinists. Because 7 kilometers of the 3.5-kilometer line passes the other without a catenary. It is a very economical transportation system as fuel. It reduces the fuel to 3 in 1 compared to diesel and up to 5 in 1. This is economically very economical. We are very happy to have implemented this project. I congratulate all our friends who contributed. As we always say, our people of Şanlıurfa deserve the best of service. ”


In the statement of President Çiftçi, adding that after the Transportation Summit to be held on November 21, the practice of trambus will fully begin, “We are carrying out the Transportation Summit on November 21. After the summit, our trambus application will be in full capacity. Then we will launch the Tram system. Satisfaction from our people empowers us in our work. Our work will continue at full speed. There is also this understanding in AK Municipality ”.

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