Samsun Must Be Connected To The Iron Silk Road

MUSIAD members complacency members of the association come together with businessmen Canik Mayor Osman Young, that reshaped the world economy and Turkey's target that offers significant opportunities to Samsun, said the said that this opportunity to properly evaluate the city.

MUSIAD Gönül Member Canik Mayor Osman Genç met with Independent Industrialists and Businessmen's Association (MÜSİAD) board members and association member businessmen. Canik Cultural Center with businessmen in the meeting, which also included MUSIAD Branch Head Haluk Tan. sohbet that President Young, new businessmen from Samsun to Turkey's importance in the world and talked about the opportunities waiting for you. stating that reshaped the world economy and offer significant opportunities for Turkey's goal of Samsun Young, said that these opportunities should be in good reviews.


The goal of Samsun, Turkey and the Young President's emphasis on the need to coincide with the real world, Samsun is a city with potential, he said. President Young said, "If we can not we're going to run into the future as the city re-shaping the world and ignore Turkey's goal. The goals of the cities must match those of the countries. Samsun was a commercial city in the past. Today, it is in our hands as the dynamics of this city. With accurate and visionary projects, we can make Samsun a commercial city again. Unless industry and commerce develop in a city, that city cannot develop or prosper. We should definitely improve trade in Samsun. ”

RAILWAY NETWORK should be strengthened

Reminding that cities are competing in the new millennium, Mayor Osman Genç said, “We have to meet science and trade. We have to meet the university with the city. We all have to do the mental transformation. We now live in the 4th industrial age. We should pay attention to R&D. In this period, you cannot compete with other cities and countries by selling tomatoes and peppers. In this period, transportation and logistics come to the fore. Samsun should plan itself accordingly. We must strengthen the rail network of Samsun and connect this city to the Iron Silk Road. We should also strive as a city for Samsun-Batum and Samsun-Iraq Railway ”.


Expressing that Samsun needs two things, which are “plan and trust”, Genç said, “This city must have an User Manual. If you do this, you have solved 80 percent of the city's problem. As for trust, this city, that is, its managers, should give confidence to the investors as well as the security of public order. When we provide these, there is no reason why our city should not attract investment. It is the local governments that will direct the cities. In the 21st century, the success criteria of mayors have also changed. to the city kazanYou are as successful as the number of schools, cultural centers, hospitals and factories you have attended, the more you have prevented unemployment, the more successful you are. In other words, you are as valuable as you produce”.

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