Irregularities in Sabiha Gökçen Airport Metro

Sabiha Gökçen Metro, which could not be completed in Istanbul for many years, was criticized by the Court of Auditors. It was determined that the metron was taken over from the IMM without the decision of the Council of Ministers, the manufacturing of the work experience certificate was made without application project, the evaluation of the work experience documents were made incorrectly, and the cost of the contract was increased with the increase of the subsequent work.

SözcüAccording to the report of Özlem Güvemli from the Turkish Court of Accounts, the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications 2017 Audit Report identified a large number of irregularities regarding the Sabiha Gökçen Airport Metro, which was transferred to the ministry with the Presidential decree dated September 21, 2018.

In the report, it was found that the construction of the Sabiha Gökçen Airport Metro belonging to the local government was tendered by the ministry without the decision of the Council of Ministers and it was found against the legislation. In the report, public institutions and organizations, municipalities, special provincial administrations do not count the subway and urban rail system construction works among the duties of the ministry, and according to the legislation provision, cable cars, finiculars, monorails, metro and urban It was stated that the establishment of the rail transportation system can be undertaken with the permission of the Council of Ministers. In the examination, although it was not decided to be undertaken by the ministry with the decision of the Council of Ministers, the construction of the metro by the ministry was found against the Decree No. 655.

The Ministry of Transport stated that the aforementioned Decree was published in 2011, and Sabiha Gökçen Airport Metro started in 2015 due to delays in the tender, project and approval processes, but was included in the investment program in 2007 and was not subject to the provisions of this Decree. The Court of Accounts also reminded that the project was included in the investment program as a railway connection project, and it was stated that after the decree numbered 655 came into force, the project was converted into an urban rail system, in other words, it became connected with the law from this point on.


In the report, it was pointed out that mistakes were made in the evaluation of "work experience certificates" submitted in tenders for consultancy services. Consultancy tenders for New Airport and Sabiha Gökçen Airport subways were cited as examples in the report. It was pointed out that the work experience document submitted by one of the bidders in the Istanbul New Airport Metro consultancy tender belongs to the construction of an urban rail transport system that does not comply with the metro or light rail system standards. It was noted that this document submitted by the tenderer in the tender was deemed valid by the tender commission and the contract was signed with him. It was stated that the majority of the 7 business statement documents presented by the foreign company, which is the pilot partner of the winning firm in the consultancy tender of Sabiha Gökçen Airport Metro, are design and study project services.


It was emphasized that it is not possible to evaluate design services within the scope of similar job description in the procurement of supervision and consultancy services. Sabiha Gokcen metro consultancy tender is very close to each other, the tender firm determined that the technical evaluation of the points determined by specifying the technical evaluation of the 20 points with a significant share of the valid and sufficient number of work experience certificate in terms of the number of work on the same qualification and scale the evaluation should have been made more carefully and carefully by the tender commission. This is because it is highly probable that the tenderer who has received the full score from this criterion and has been placed on the bidding is likely to fall from this criterion, and it is highly probable that the technical evaluations to be carried out by the bidding commissions in consultancy service procurement tenders are carried out in accordance with all the rules in the legislation and hence the results there should be no hesitation about being more strictly obeyed. Otherwise, it is considered that the principles of competition and equal treatment, which are the basic principles that should be dominated by tenders, will be violated. Aksi


It was also determined that the preparation and implementation of the implementation projects of the Sabiha Gökçen Airport Metro construction was not in compliance with the provisions of the contract and the General Conditions of Construction Works. In the report, it was recorded that the excavation works were carried out with the savings of the contractor without approved implementation projects because the necessary calculations were not provided to the ministry on the basis of which excavation support staff would be preferred in the metro project. It was emphasized that the construction of the subway was performed outside the control of the ministry in terms of some work items and that the completion of the projected cost and time was put at risk. Ministry of self-implementation project can not be started in the assertion that the claim is not true, Sabiha Gokcen construction of the subway, the implementation project is in the approval phase of the production began in the production of this situation was claimed to comply with the legislation. The TCA said that after the 1,5 year after the start of tunnel excavation in the subway, un Outline Tunnel Excavation destek application projects were approved and therefore the excavation works were carried out without approved implementation projects during that time and that the account report on the excavation support staff was not considered reasonable to be given to the administration after 6 months after the excavations started.


In the report, as the station areas were expanded and the tunnel lengths were extended, the unit prices were revised and the contract price was increased according to the increase in station areas or the length of tunnel lengths. Public procurement legislation clearly determines how the business increase will be made, noting that the rules set by these provisions were not acted. With the method followed by the Ministry, it was emphasized that the amount of change in the production item is not clearly defined and therefore the increase in the business is not healthy.

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